Executive Summary

  • Executive Summary


Office Safe work practices

  • Employees in good health and dressed properly

  • Employees observing smoking rules

  • Is there evidence of horseplay or improper climbing, jumping, running or other unsafe acts

  • Are there unattended files or desk drawers open

  • Equipment used properly

  • Work areas (floors and furniture) kept neat and tidy, no wires or tripping hazards

House Keeping

  • Only one drawer open At a time

  • Floors free from trash, carpets / floors in good condition

  • Sufficient number of trash containers conveniently spaced

  • Containers emptied on a regular basis (no overflow)

  • Floors, isles and stairways in good condition

  • Liquid spills / snow melt cleaned up promptly

  • Cleaning materials adequate, available and convenient.

  • Stair railings secure

  • Is office furniture in good condition

  • Heating / cooling equipment free of defects and dust free

Fire control

  • Fire doors functional / closed and free from obstructions

  • Exits clearly marked

  • Fire orders / instructions posted

  • Periodic fire drills conducted

  • Smoking area clearly defined, area clean with clean recepticals and correct distance from entry / exits

  • Fire extinguishers marked for type of use

  • Fire extinguishers tagged for inspection and maintanence

  • Machines free of dirt and grease


  • Are Wiring boxes, switches, outlets, and lights secure and free from defects

  • Breaker and fuse boxes properly maintained

  • Are any outlets overloaded

  • Machines, tools, vending and water machines grounded and in good repair

  • Wires and plugs securely connected

  • Lighting spaced to eliminate shadows

Health and sanitation

  • Eating facilities adequate

  • Bathrooms cleaned and properly maintained

  • Is Noise level excessive

  • Is Bedding for all drivers clean and sanitary

  • Are First aid supplies well maintained and easily available

Bulletin boards and records

  • Are Posters, emergency contact details / phone listings posted on the board

  • Are All records / files current

  • Are bulletin boards used for matters other than safety

  • Inspected by


Dock safe work practices

  • Are employees in good health and dressed properly

  • Are smoking rules obeyed

  • Are proper lifting techniques used to avoid strain

  • Is proper protective equipment P P E used

  • Is freight handled to avoid cuts and other injuries

  • Is there horseplay, improper climbing, jumping, running or other unsafe acts taking place

  • Is handling equipment being used properly

  • Are cargo heaters fuelled, ignited and loaded properly

  • Are house keeping practices up to standard, trash , clothing and equipment out of the way / stored correctly


  • Are work areas Free of trash and debris

  • Enough trash containers and no overflow

  • Aisles clear of freight and equipment

  • Floors clean, dry and no defects

  • Stairs and ladders in good repair, clear of trash and obstacles

  • Equipment that is not in use is properly stored

Fire control

  • Fire doors closed

  • Exits clearly marked and not locked

  • Fire orders posted

  • No smoking areas designated and posted

  • Fire extinguishers visible and accessible

  • Fire extinguishers labeled for type of use and has current maintenance / inspection tag

  • Flammable / hazardous materials properly stored

  • Machines free of dirt and grease

  • Cargo heaters and fuel properly stored


  • Permanent wiring boxes, switches, outlets and lights secure and free of defects

  • Breaker and fuse boxes correct and proper

  • Are Lines and outlets overloaded

  • Machines,tools, vending and water machines in good repair

  • Wiring for extension cords, portable lights and tools serviceable / safe

  • Lighting (portable and fixed) free from glare and defects

Health and sanitation

  • Restrooms equipped and clean

  • Food areas clean and properly equipped.

  • Personnel protective equipment clean, serviceable and stored correctly ready for use

  • First aid kit available and maintained. First aid trained personnel on duty / locations know

  • Ventilation on dock to standard

  • Noise levels acceptable

  • Dust / fumes controlled

Loading doors

  • All overhead doors work correctly

  • Outlets / wiring and lights working

  • Freight stacked properly on forklifts / mechanical handling equipment and trailers being loaded

  • Trailer doors in good repair

  • Chocks being used while trailers being loaded by forklifts.

  • Dock plates in good repair ( alignment, mechanical parts, leaks)

  • Smoking rules followed

Forklift trucks

  • Equipment in good order, horn, handbrakes, fixed parts functioning properly

  • Equipment being operated by trained personnel in a safe manner

  • Equipment Parked properly, brakes set, forks lowered, mast forward, controls neutralized, engine of

  • Power unit in good order, no excessive corrosion or fumes from forklift

  • Refuelling / recharging area, clean , tidy and safe

  • Smoking rules followed

Bulletin board and records

  • All required fire / safety / procedural charts and forms displayed as required

  • Records relating to terminal inspections / accidents and injuries up to date

  • Are Bulletin boards used for matters other than safety

  • Inspected by -


Shop - safe work practices

  • Employees in good health, wearing correct serviceable, clean PPE

  • Smoking rules followed

  • Use of proper lifting carrying and handling techniques

  • Use of equipment guards when required

  • Use of correct PPE as required

  • Air pressure reduced to 30 psi for cleaning

  • Is there evidence of horseplay, improper climbing, jumping, running or any other unsafe acts in the workplace

  • Are Employees workspaces clean and orderly, free of spills oil and trash

  • Tools and machines used properly

  • Flame or spark producing operations isolated from flammable liquids or materials

  • Flammables in proper containers and stored properly

  • Welding operations done safely, correct PPE being worn, ventilation good, hoses inspected prior to use, cylinder chained, valves turned off when finished

  • Containers bonded when transferring flammable liquids

  • Dip tanks closed when not in use

  • Flammable liquid spills cleaned up immediately

  • Proper use of stands (not jacks) to support vehicles

  • Ventilation system used when engines running

  • Are bulletin boards used for matters other than safety


  • Floors clean and tidy, free of grease, oil, spills and defects

  • Signs showing maximum floor loading

  • Trash containers sufficient and free from overflow

  • Permanent isle marked and free from obstructions

  • Stairs clear and in good repair

  • Permanent ladder firmly attached and in good repair

  • Cleaning supplies readily available

  • Storage areas kept neat

  • Ladders stored properly and free from defects

Fire control

  • Fire doors closed and free from obstructions

  • Exits and no exits clearly marked

  • Fire instructions / orders posted

  • No smoking areas designated, signs posted and areas used

  • Fire extinguishers serviceable, stored for use correctly, accessible, visible, marked and tagged

  • Hazardous materials located away from heat, flame and water sources

  • Flammable liquids properly stored, spill kit readily available and bonded where required

  • Hazardous operations isolated ie welding / grinding

  • Combustable materials safely stored away from flames or sparks


  • Permanent wiring boxes, switches,outlets and lights secure and free from defects

  • Breaker and fuse boxes clean and proper

  • Proper guards and devices for equipment in use

  • Machines, tools, vending and water coolers grounded and in good repair

  • Extension cords, portable lights and tools free from cuts, kinks, wear and used properly

  • Lighting sufficient and free from glare

Health and sanitation

  • Food areas clean and maintained

  • Bathroom areas clean and equipped

  • Noise level within limits, not excessive, noise protectors and controls in use

  • Lighting systems adequate for general and special needs

  • Ventilation good , including special ventilation if required

  • Hazardous processes separated

  • First aid kit available, maintained and first aider on duty

  • Water available for quick wash off in battery room

  • Protective equipment adequate, stored properly, accessible and used properly

Machines, equipment and tools

  • Electrical equipment / tools protected by ground / double insulation

  • Moving parts i.e. fans / pulleys within 7 ft of the floor are enclosed

  • Machines (grinders etc) are guarded at point of operation

  • Hoists,cranes and jacks marked for capacity rating

  • Hoists, ropes, slings and hooks in good condition

  • Spray booth has "no smoking" signs displayed, filters cleared, fire extinguishers available, fire proof wiring, sprinkler system adequate, flammables in booth are limited

  • Dip tanks, no smoking signs displayed, fire extinguishers in place, good ventilation, tanks isolated from sparks and heat, tanks have automated and manual closures.

  • Hand tools in good repair, no burrs or loose handles

  • Inspected by -


Yard - Safe work practices

  • Pedestrian traffic obeys safety rules i.e. Right of way , PPE being worn

  • Only authorized pedestrians in yard

  • Drivers obey speed limits, signs and traffic patterns

  • Only authorized drivers and vehicles in the yard

  • Drivers check, yield right of way when applicable, engage hazard lights and sound horn twice before backing

  • Drivers wear seat belts

  • Drivers use proper entry and exit techniques from vehicles (3 points of contact)

  • Drivers and yard workers dressed properly for job duties and weather

  • Proper procedures followed for coupling, uncoupling and parking of vehicles

  • Fuel pumps attended when in operation

  • Fuel island kept free of debris

  • Smoking rules are obeyed i.e. Designated areas and correct disposal of cigarette ends

  • Safe work rules are followed when sliding bogies, using tarps and securing loads


  • Fences and gates are in good condition, no overgrown areas, free from shadows

  • Gates in good repair,unused gates locked, potential security issues noted

  • Security lights operational and beams effective

  • Vehicles properly parked and secured


  • Yard is clear of pallets, load bars and trash

  • Trash containers adequate, convenient and not overflowing

  • Yard free of pot holes / graded

  • Yard drainage good, no water accumulation

  • Traffic signs, safety signs and pavement markings serviceable and visible

  • Lighting adequate, no dark areas

  • All lights serviceable, none burnt out

  • Cleaning equipment available

Fuel point (area)

  • Fuel point is clean, no spills and trash containers are adequate and not overflowing

  • Lighting adequate with no defects

  • No smoking signs displayed and extinguishers in place, marked, tagged and serviceable

  • Pumps protected from damage

  • Proper placards posted

  • Proper MSDS posted

Dock exterior

  • Dock bumpers secure and in good repair

  • Ladders secure and in good repair

  • Wheel Chocks in place in good condition and used

  • Trailer stands in position and no defects

  • Inspected by -

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