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Hazard Factors Assessment

  • Is the individual expected to work extended working hours?

  • Is the individual or team working with High Risk Fatigue demands for the works? e..g. repetitive work, physically demanding or requiring high conccentration

  • Is the individual or team working in Fatigue critical task? e.g. plant operation with a high risk of injury or harm.

  • Is the individual or Team exposed to hazardous substances, atmospheric contaminants, noise, extreme temperatures or excessive vibration?

  • Has the individual or Team been provided with information or training on fatigue management

  • Has an adequate level of supervision been provided?

  • Is there a risk of lifestyle factors? sleep, general health, fitness for work.

Fatigue Control Plan

  • Modified working hours arrangements

  • Change in Shift work or Rosters

  • Breaks during work period

  • Reduction in fatigue critical tasks

  • Reduction in exposure to hazards

  • Information and Training on fatigue management

  • Increases in Supervision

  • Changes in Lifestyle factors

  • Health Assessment and Monitoring required


  • Has the Individual or Team been approved to conduct work in accordance with company policies and the outlined fatigue management control strategy

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