• Property No.

  • Inspection Officer

Property Information

  • Property Number

  • Lot

  • Plan

  • Property location
  • Inspection Date

Owner Information

  • Owner Name

2013/2014 Current Rates and Charges

  • General Rate Category

  • Waste Charges - standard waste or minimum waste charge

  • Water Access

  • Urinals

  • Pedestals

  • Fire Levy Category

  • Council Fire Levy

  • Trade Waste

  • Other

Inspection Information

  • Inspection Information

  • Tenancy
  • Property type

  • Tenancy/Occupier

  • Water

  • Add media

  • Urinal

  • Add media

  • Pedestals

  • Add media

  • Waste bin

  • Add media

  • Recycle bin

  • Add media

  • Bulk bins

  • Fire levy category

  • Trade waste

  • Car park spaces - relevant for large commercial centres

  • Further Information

Office use only

  • Re inspection required

  • General Notes

Inspection Key Areas

  • Motels

  • Caravan Parks

  • Large Commercial Property

  • Restruants

  • Nursing homes

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