• Inspection Type

  • File Reference

  • DOCS #

  • CRM

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Property Details

Property Details

  • Property Address
  • Lot and RP

  • Zoning

  • Overlays

  • Owners

  • Mailing Address

  • Contact Details

  • Officers in Attendance

General Inspection Findings

General Inspection Findings

  • Is Breach indentified

  • Please provide more information

  • Was Caution Given/Written?

  • Enter details of Caution

  • Where are the activities conducted? E.g. Shed, carport, open air

  • Activities identified

  • Items/Tools relevant to use identified on site

  • Hours/Days or Operations

  • Employees/Other persons assisting?

  • Details of persons

  • Are persons resident

  • Please provide details

  • Customer attendance?

  • If so, please provide details - numbers and regularity

  • Deliveries received/sent?

  • If so, please provide details - how many, what type of vehicle, what goods

Specific Inspection Findings

Specific Inspection Findings

  • Choose an inspection type

  • Number of and details of vehicles on site

  • Ownership of vehicles

  • Relevant Approvals

  • Internet/Yellow pages advertising

  • Will an amended Building Classification be required if a Planning Permit can be secured?

  • Please provide details

  • Extent of clearing (m2 of Land)

  • Number of trees removed unlawfully

  • Length/height of trees (circumference of trunks, species)

  • Description to identify where on property

  • GPS Coordinates
  • Evidence of wildlife, any spotters used

  • Reason/purpose for clearing

  • Contractor Details if known

  • Details of any permit sought or obtained

  • Description of location on site of earthworks

  • GPS Coordinates
  • Valid Approval

  • Extent of work - cubic meters, excavation or filling

  • Intent/Purpose

  • Will an amended Building Classification be required if a Planning Permit can be secured?

  • Please provide details


Summary of Inspections

  • Associated Activities

  • Details of conversation

  • Photos

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