Select the option most applicable to your observations. If you select a tab which comes up red you will be prompted with three options; note, image and action. You don't have to select any of these however it would be useful to the end user if you provide further feedback in either written or picture format. If you select an amber or green tab and wish to provide further feedback you can just click the paperclip on the upper right hand corner. This will then prompt you with the same three options as previously described.

Health and Safety awareness

Is the health and safety policy available for all staff to view in the staff room or staff area?

Is the health and safety law poster displayed in staff areas?

Is the employee liability insurance certificate displayed and current?

Is there a health and safety notice boards with relevant information on it in staff area?

Any further observations?

Chemicals management

Are all chemicals in labeled containers?

Are all chemicals stored in locked cupboards.

Are COSHH assessments easily accessible in all chemical stores?

Are COSHH assessments signed and dated?

Do all chemicals which are available for use have COSHH assessments?

Is there PPE in place for all relevant chemicals? (Details can be found on data sheets or COSHH assessments)

In the plant room are acids and alkalis stored separately?

Are​ HTH containers appropriately​ managed after use? (e.g. are they used as storage or for other purposes?)

Whilst in the storage area, check eye wash station and record under first aid

Any further observations​?

First aid

Check all first aid boxes​. Is there a contents list, with equipment in date and with correct stock levels?

Are there eyewash stations in all chemical stores and is the water in date?

Any further observations​?


Check three pieces of electrical equipment, do they have current in date PAT labels?

Check the condition of cables & plugs on the equipment above. Are they free from damage?

Sample an area (e.g. under desks) to check for untidy cabling & overloaded extensions. Are they free from risk?

Are all electrical switchgear cupboards locked and are the switchgear units shut?

Is there a meter gap around all electrical switchgear and relevant electrical safety matting for protection whilst working on electrical switchboards  in place?

Any further observations?


Are all internal fire doors in good condition and closed (or held by magnetic holders)?

Check three final exit doors for operation. Are they in good working order?

For the three exit doors tested, do they all have appropriate fire signage in place both internally and externally? (Check for fire notices which are not completed)

Are all fire escape routes free from blockage both internally and externally? (e.g. Is there equipment in front of the doors?)

Choose three fire extinguishers. Are the dates of inspection current and are the extinguishers easy to reach?

Are relevant fire extinguisher notices in place beside the extinguishers?

Are all hairdryers clean and in working order\free from damage?

Are there smoke/heat detectors in all key areas (e.g store areas with mats, etc)?

Any further observations?

Water safety

Are shower heads clean and free from scale/debris?

Are there notices, located at sinks, indicating whether water is drinkable or not?

Are there any dead legs evident within pipe runs? (If so this is a risk)

Any further observations​?

Work at height

If available, choose up to three sets of ladders on site. Are ladders in good condition?

If scaffolding is erected is it tagged/inspected and built safely? (If not this is a risk)

Any further observations?

Gym/Strength & Conditioning

Is all equipment in good condition within the area?

Are all users encouraged to clean down equipment after use? (check for signage, are there paper towels and sprays available?)

Is there signage on the machines indicating how to use them and the muscle groups involved?

Is there a two meter run off behind all the treadmills?

Any further observations?

Studio/GP Room/Squash Court

Is there evidence of good general housekeeping within the area? (check flooring, equipment, walls and any partition)

If there is bikes within the area are they in good condition? (check crank, pedals and wheels etc)

Any further observations?

Sports or Games hall/Indoor track

Is the floor/track clean and in a good state of repair?

Are rebound/dividing boards in place and secure, does the divider net interfere with activities?

Are light fittings protected from impact damage

Is there evidence of equipment being trapped against light fittings ( e.g. balls, shuttles etc)?

Are there fixings for football goals and are they in good condition & secure?

Are all storage areas tidy? (There should be clear diagrams or markings showing where equipment is to be stored)

If tall equipment is stored upright is it secured from falling?

Is there evidence of smoke/heat detection in storage areas?

Where trampolines are in use do they appear in good condition? (check the bed, level, chains, fixings, welds etc)?

Are the any other issues with equipment which are obvious via visual safety inspection?

Any further observations?

Outdoor Pitches (Synthetic or Grass)

Are all the pitches free from rubbish/debris, etc?

Are there signs of wear on the pitch surfaces​?

Are the goal posts in good condition?

Are all goal posts securely anchored to the ground or wall?

Are checks carried out on goalposts? (are they recorded?)

Is the fencing\surround in good condition?

Any further observations​?

External areas (including track)

Is the track clean and in a good condition?

Are roads, footpaths, steps and other surfaces in good condition?

Are refuse bins located in a suitable place? (Recommendations 2.5m - 8m depending on the size of containers e.g. >4m for a 600 litres waste container made of fibre glass or plastic)

If there are traffic calming measures, Is there clear signage for those using car park to warn of speed bumps & speed limits?

Are gates and fences in good condition?

Any further observations​?

Other areas

Are all other storage areas secure and tidy?

Are 'staff only' key areas secure? (e.g. plant rooms)

Any further observations​?

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On site team member assisting with audit
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.