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  • CMW's involved in the Working at heights task

1M FCV Fall from Heights

Personnel are considered working at heights if they are performing work at heights tasks where there is potential to fall 1.8m or more or within 2m of an open edge where there is the potential to fall 1.8m or more

  • Interview 2 CMW's to verify that they understand the requirements to erect drop zones/barricading or bunding when performing working at heights tasks

  • Does the CMW's understand what circumstances a bund or barricade is required?

  • Obtain a copy of the BMC barricading standard pick 3 locations across the site where working at heights is occurring, include at least 1 in pit location where there is potential to fall >1.8m and verify that required barricading is in place

  • Is the barricading consistent with the barricading standard? <br>Take photos

  • Take photo of bunding/barricading

  • For in pit locations selected above verify that the bund heights in place are greater than half the wheel height of the largest vehicle accessing the area and greater than 1m in height.

  • Is the bunding adequate for all vehicles that may access the area and greater than 1m in height?

  • Take photo of bunding

  • Notes

  • Type in name and sign.

  • Email audit and attach to Notification of Work Order

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