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1. General OH&S Depot and Site

  • 1.1. Service providers hold all current permits, licences and authorisations for equipment and chemicals used?

  • 1.2. Condition of depot - Safe storage of equipment and plant, lures and baits, firearms and ammunition, OH&S, PPE

  • 1.3. Condition of mobile works unit (vehicle) - Safe storage of equipment and plant, lures and baits, firearms and ammunition, OH&S, PPE

  • 1.4. All staff have been inducted to the depot/new work site - completed and documented

  • 1.5. All staff are trained appropriately for the activities they are undertaking. Any new training taken place? Is this documented?

  • 1.6. Team members are familiar with Work Method Statements/Operating Procedures?

  • 1.7. Job Safety Analysis and or Risk Assessment completed for each task?

  • 1.8. Evidence of in house audits and inspections? Corrective actions undertaken if required?

  • 1.9. Are fault reporting/rectification systems in place and issues documented and addressed?

  • 1.10. Does First Aid equipment meet requirements? Are supplies replenished? How?

  • 1.11. Are storage and/or transport of any chemicals appropriate? i.e. 1080, Pindone, Rodentacides. (For 1080 refer to 1080 audit sheet)

  • 1.12. Are appropriate warning signage/work area restrictions utilised?

2. OH&S Works Site Specific

  • 2.1. Have appropriate site specific JSA's been developed? Have all potential risks been identified? Are emergency procedures identified and relevant?

  • 2.2. Have appropriate notifications been issued? (General, public, land managers etc)

  • 2.3. Adequate signage as per works plan - does it comply with activity specification and other regulations?

  • 2.4. Equipment and plant suitable for purpose and pre-start inspection completed where appropriate?

3. Activity Procedures

  • 3.1. Environmental Management Procedures in compliance with contractual requirements (7.1 TSG)

  • 3.2. Is the service provider using appropriate equipment? Any new JSA's?

  • 3.3. What pre control assents have been undertaken?

  • 3.4. Are works being conducted as per the works plan?

  • 3.5. Have any changes to program's been discussed and agreed to by Conservation Officer? Are the changes documented appropriately?

  • 3.6. Have record sheets been completed throughout the program and to defined specification?

  • 3.7. Monthly invoices received with reports?

4. Animal Welfare

  • 4.1. Is the service provider using the appropriate methodology and equipment? (Refer activity spec)

  • 4.2. Are the methods of euthanising target species effective?

  • 4.3. Has there been any non target species capture?

  • 4.4. Has there been any requirement to process captures to the vet? Provide details.

5. Public Contact

  • 5.1. Has there been any public interest, contact, trap tampering etc?

6. Other

  • 6.1. Has the communication between the Shire and Service Provider been effective?

  • 6.2. General Comments/Summary

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