• Bushland Reserve Name

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Other personnel attending audit

  • Others present

Fuel Management Zone Condition

  • Polygon ID

  • What type of FMZ is it?

  • Does this FMZ meet the guidelines?<br> i.e. Is it within specification?

  • Vegetation regrowth requiring management

  • Comments

  • Fallen Vegetation

  • Comments

  • Hard waste removal

  • Comments

  • Green waste removal

  • Comments

  • Is the LM4E area within specification?<br>eg. Are the widths as specified?

  • Comments relating to LM4E

  • Estimated hours for 4 person crew (truck and chipper) to carry out works?

  • Comments

  • Has the entire polygon been assessed?

  • What percentage of the FMZ polygon requires work?

  • Description of area

  • Other comments

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