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  • Heath and Safety Audit

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  • Is the building secure to prevent unauthorised access?

  • Is the Visitor Record Book available and up to date?


  • Have Accident Forms been reviewed from the previous month?

  • Have all Incident Forms been reviewed from the previous month?

  • Have all Existing Injury Forms been reviewed from the previous month?

  • Are all Long Term Healthcare Plans reviewed half termly?

  • Is all medication left on site stored in the nursery office away and a Long Term Healthcare Plan completed for each child?

  • Is there a current Health and Safety Law poster displayed where all staff can see it? Is the information displayed correct names etc?

  • Is there a copy of the Health and Safety Policy Statement displayed?

  • Is a current copy of the Liability Insurance displayed?

  • Is the Staff Training Matrix up to date with specific training needs identified?

  • Are all generic risk assessments signed off and reviewed annually?

  • Is emergency lighting inspection records up to date and recorded in the log book?

Fire Saftey

  • Is the weekly fire alarm record up to date?

  • Is a notice displayed stating the day and time of weekly bell tests, where staff and visitors can see it?

  • Is the termly fire drill record up to date and are they recorded in the log book?

  • Are Fire Action Information Signs displayed around the nursery?

  • Is there a "No Smoking Sign" displayed at the entrance?

  • Are all fire escapes free from obstructions?

  • Are all designated fire doors kept shut at all times?

  • Was a fire drill under taken during the audit? Record time evacuation took and any issues raised.

First aid

  • Are first aid boxes stocked correctly and contents in date?

  • Is there a list of Qualified First Aiders where staff and parents can see it?

Nursery Rooms

  • Are sleep checks completed for all children under 12 month ?

  • Are children's registers correctly completed - taking note of any children that are transitioning?

  • Are good housekeeping practices maintained, to reduce trips, slips and falls?

  • Are the Daily Room Risk Assessments complete?

  • Are cupboards in rooms fitted with child lock to prevent unwanted access?

  • Are the Outside Safety Checks completed and up to date?


  • Are Bathroom Cleaning Checklist completed and up to date?

  • Are bathroom doors kept closed to stop foul odours and air entering the room?

  • Are the bathrooms in a well maintained and clean conditions?

  • Are adequate supplies of soap and paper towels available?

Dress policy

  • Are shoes being worn to minimise the risk of accidents and control infection?

  • Is jewellery worn in compliance with our uniform policy?

  • Are there any hazards from the wearing of jewellery identified? Record staff name:

Laundry room

  • Is the room tidy and well maintained?

  • Is the tumble dryer filter clean and free from lint that could create a fire hazard?


  • Are COSHH data sheets availed for all cleaning chemicals used in nursery?

  • Is appropriate PPE available for changing nappies and serving meals? Aprons, gloves etc.

  • Is the general appearance of the nursery clean and tidy?

  • All internal bins have lids?

External Play Area

  • Is the play equipment fit for purpose? Visually inspect and record any issue.

  • Temporary Risk Assessments in place for any hazards identified?

  • Is the fencing in a sound condition?

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