Are all staff (including PT's) wearing a name badge, the correct uniform and neatly presented?

Check that staff are not chewing gum, on mobiles or eating whilst on duty?

Are staff members eating and drinking in the designated areas ie non member facing

Are the clocks throughout the club show the correct time? In 24 hour format?

Is the member lounge area welcoming and free of staff lounging around?

Did the team great everyone by name and make them feel welcome? Or if busy did they acknowledge the member by eye contact?

Did the team acknowledge all members when they left? Or if busy did they acknowledge the member by eye contact?

Are staff assisting/engaging members where ever possible and not standing around talking to one another?

Observe the start of a GX/FGT class. Does it start on time?


Is the current core campaign poster in the A frame

Are all notices around the club laminated and in 'Calibri' font?

Is the club free of third party advertising that is not approved by VMO?

Are all VMO TV and advertising screens working and not covered up?

Are all digital timetables operational and up to date?


Is the Paperwork correct?

Are all new Members receiving a 24/7 induction?

Speak to team members and them the process of inducting members

Is the 24/7 Opening and Closing checklist form printed?

Is the 24/7 Checklist completed daily, signed and stored?

Is the Emergency Response Station stocked with all the required forms

Is the First Aid Kit fully stocked? and Defibrillator working (green light flashing and the pads are not expired?)

When the club becomes unstaffed at the end of the day, are Reception/MSRS's checking that all members in the club have 24/7 access and been inducted?

Has 24/7 Paperwork been printed out for members to sign?


Are external areas (car park/entrance) clean?

Is the Reception counter tidy, clear of clutter and aesthetically pleasing?

Is the retail area neatly displayed, well stocked and free of dust?

Are the drink fridges neatly displayed, well stocked, clean and without staff food in them?

Are offices clean, free of clutter and the door closed if not in use?

Is the member lounge free of litter, lounges and tables clean and free of staff socialising and eating?

Is Play Zone clean and tidy? Are toys cleaned regularly?

Are the GX studio floors and podiums clean? Glass and mirrors clean? Equipment stacked neatly? Cleaning stations stocked and operational?

Is the gym floor clean? Is equipment stored correctly? Glass and mirrors clean? No unused equipment left on the floor? Cleaning stations stocked and operational?

Is the PT locker room clean with lockers in use?

Is the cardio equipment clean? Free of dust? Cleaning stations stocked and operational?

Is the staff kitchen area clean? Sinks free of washing up and food scraps? Is the fridge and microwave cleaned out regularly?

Are the toilets clean? Rubbish removed from the ground around the toilets? Are all toilets flushed?

Are the showers clean? Free of mould and body grease? Drains clean? Exhaust fans cleaned?

Is the vanity in the change room clean? Has it been wiped down?

In the male and female changerooms are the lockers closed when not in use? Does each locker have a wooden hanger? Are the lockers free of rubbish? Is the change room floor clean and free of dust, hair and dirt?

Are the correct mops being used (blue, red, yellow) and the mops being dried when not in use?

In the changeroom are the hairdryer filters free of dust and excessive hair build up? are the operational?

Are all irons operational? Are the ironing board covers in good condition? Does the timer work?

In the changerooms are all of the soap/shampoo/conditioner dispensers, toilet roll holders and hand towel dispensers fully stocked and operational?

Are the sauna and steam room(s) operational and are they clean?


Check PPE- gloves, glasses, apron and SDS available for Chemicals

Check notes from 1-1 meetings with CM that its being done ( this document encompasses stats, KPIs, Kronos, rosters)

Check Daily Studio checklist is being done

Check staff are in correct uniform

Marketing collateral to be current

Studio to be tidy, machines clean and suits and skirts in good condition


Are the treadmills, bikes, rowers and cross trainers in good working order?

Is the plate and pin loaded equipment in good working order?

Is all FGT based equipment in good working order? (including swiss balls, medicine balls, foam rollers and mats) Are they stored appropriately?

In the male and female changeroom are all toilets/showers/sinks/lockers in working order?

Are there out of order signs on any equipment that is not functional and is it logged in Solvsafety?

Are the water stations clean? Is the sink grate clean?

Are all bikes in the cycle studio in good working order? Is there a spin bike maintenance log in place?

Are there any lights that are not working in the club?

Are there any fans that are not working in the club?

Is the air conditioning working in all sections of the club? Is it cooling the air adequately?

Are the FF TV screens fully operational and tuned into the AV system correctly?


Does the defib work? Are the pads and battery in date? and checked daily? (NB: Check Daily focus Walk through sure ensure completion)

Is there a first aid kit held at Reception? Is it sufficiently stocked? Is the First Aid in the Emergency Response Board 24/7 full stocked

Is the Health and Safety board up to date?

Are desks and chairs fully operational?

Are pre exercise questionnaires and guest register slips being used for non members?

Are the WAS and Contractor Management Folder being used ?

Are all floor areas free of slip and trip hazards?

Are anti slip mats in place where needed?

Are the safety precautions for the steam room displayed outside the door?

Is the emergency button tested and in safe working order for the steamroom?

Plant Rooms are clean and tidy, and chemicals stored correctly

Are the necessary pool and spa checks being completed on a daily basis?

Are pool walk areas slip/trip hazard free and appropriate slip resistant matting in place where appropriate?

Are all storerooms clean and free of trip hazards?

Are all emergency exit doors and stairs kept clear?

Are all emergency exits marked and lights working?

Fire Hose Reel/Hydrant cupboards clear of other items/Equipment and clean.

Are chemicals being stored correctly and clearly labelled (no unmarked or hand written labels) in the cleaners storeroom?

Are Safety Data Sheets available for all Cleaners Chemicals? (If not does the Club Manager know to find them on FF Club Safety Drive?)

Are Monthly Equipment Checks completed and all issues identified logged into Cherwell

Are Daily Focus walks completed, actions identified and completed in a timely manner.

Have all New Employees completed the Employee Induction Handbook, WHS Induction list and completed Learn Active WHS Training.

Are the electrical cupboards locked and is the room/floor free of clutter (and not being used for storage)?

Is the com's room locked and is the room/floor free of clutter (and not being used for storage)?

Is only company purchased/approved PT Equipment being used? (No Tyres/Sledge Hammers etc..)

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.