• Order#

  • Date and time

  • Drivers name

  • Tractor#

  • Location of inspection
  • Operating area

  • Trailer#

  • Commodity

  • UN#

  • Onboard

ROR section (Road Observation Report)

  • Pace (km/h)

  • Radar stationary (km/h)

  • Radar Traveling (km/h)

  • Legal Speed (km/h)

  • Whether conditions

  • Traffic

  • Terrain

  • Road conditions

  • Light conditions

  • Remarks

FLA observation Audit Level 1

  • Unit properly positioned

  • Ground cable attached properly

  • All PPE worn properly

  • Gas monitor worn and Bump tested

  • Number of days Until next calibration due

  • Proper safe work procedure followed

  • Three point contact maintained

  • Chock blocks (if required)

  • Non required electrical devices are shut off

  • In attendance

  • Tire chains

  • CVIP current

  • Log book current and correct

  • Bill of lading correct

  • Pre-trip inspection correct

  • H2S certificate current

  • WHIMIS and TDG certificate current

  • Drivers licence current

  • First aid certificate current

  • ODA/PDIC certificate current

FLA level 2 inspection

  • Insurance valid

  • Registration valid

  • Safety fitness certificate

  • HSSE handbook present

  • All permits current

  • Fluid hose tests current and in good condition

  • Customer sight orientation current

  • SABA/SCBA in good working condition

  • Auto air shutdown switch available

  • Auto air shutdown functional

  • Lights working and clean

  • No audible air leaks

  • Locking cam locks on all hoses

  • Charged fire extinguisher and yearly inspection

  • Placards in good condition and clean

  • Wipers/washer functional

  • Horn (air and steering wheel) Working

  • Windshield condition


  • Evaluation

Safety topic-mandatory

  • Safety topic


  • Comments/suggestions

  • Drivers name/signiture

  • Facilitators name/signiture

Management Section

  • Damerits

  • Section

  • Suspension Days Assigned

  • Points

  • Commendation Awarded

  • Signiture

  • Date

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