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FIre Alarm Checklist:

  • Are all cable insulation and continuity resistance measurements are logged and recorded (38.2)

  • Mains supply is dedicated, non switched, double pole isolated, correctly fused and labelled (25.2)

  • Mains supply is correctly identified at all distribution boards (25.2)

  • All batteries are clearly marked and labelled with date of installation (25.4)

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  • Field wiring is labelled and correctly terminated in all control and ancillary equipment (26.2)

  • All detection, MCPs, warning, ancillary devices have been tested for correct operation and the results have been recorded (39.2)

  • Line isolators are fitted as appropriate, operate correctly and are marked on the drawings (13.2.3) (12.2.1)

  • Are there too many devices between any isolators e.g Apollo loop sounders max 10 (MFG Guide)

  • Are there any areas that are not covered by short circuit isolators (12.2.2)

  • There are a minimum of two sounder circuits installed (12.2.2)

  • Sound pressure levels have been checked and recorded on drawing or on the appendix to this checklist (39.2)

  • Remote signalling has been checked for correct operation to ARC (39.2)

  • Zone charts have been fitted in all appropriate locations (adjacent to control and repeaters) (13.2.4)

  • As fitted drawings are complete and have been updated where required, routing including including cable size

  • The premises have been left in a tidy condition and all materials and equipment removed from site (42.2)

  • Are there any callpoints missing from any exit of the building or floor level (39.2.10)

  • Are any callpoints wrongly positioned (39.2.10)

  • Are there any areas that lack detectors (39.2.11-16)

  • Are any detectors not suitable for there location or near air inlets / fans (32.2.11-16)

  • Are any detectors less than 500mm from walls / downstands (32.2.11-16)

  • Are any detectors spaced incorrectly - 7.5m Smoke / 5.3m Heat (39.2.11-16)

  • Are any detectors too far from the ceiling - 600mm Smoke / 150mm Heat (39.2.11-16)

  • Are any detectors near lights / obstructions (Must be more than 1.5 x depth of obstruction) (39.2.11-16)

  • Is there a mix of sounders and bells - Are sounders all the same tone (16.2.1c)

  • Are any locked stores not covered by LED's

  • Are there any trigger / sounder zones or auxillary outputs where the current loading is near or exceeds the limit (39.2)

  • Are there any devices at risk of false alarms? If so list below

  • List all special cause and effect, zone switching or interfacing and test for correct operation

  • Fire alarm zones - Please list below

Equipment and operational data required for:

  • Panel access code / key no

  • Number of zones

  • Number of spare zones

  • Power supply for repeater

  • Cores to repeater

  • Standby period

  • Battery size (calculation - Q x standby time + A x 1.25)

  • Quiescent current

  • Alarm current

  • Charger voltage

  • Communicator - Chip No

Addressable systems only:

  • Panel firmware details

  • Repeater firmware details

  • Software version at program

Commissioning Engineer:

  • Have all devices on the system been tested for correct operation (39.2)

  • Have all sounders been tested for correct operation

  • Have all cause and effect, relays, and PSU's on the sytem been tested for correct operation (39.2)

  • Does the system as commissioned comply with the fire category as designed? If not, record variations below (39.2)

I certify that the above checks and functional tests have been completed in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and / or applicable codes of practice:

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