• Building Name

  • Address

  • Conducted on


  • Identification or flat/apartment number

  • Fire Exit Door or Fire Door

  • Does the Fire Exit open in direction of Travel, freely without the need for a key, can be secured and in good condition?

  • Is the method of opening the door clear and obvious, correct signage present inc. signs indicating the location of the exit?

  • Is the route outside the door clear and unobstructed?

  • Door appears to be fire rated as...

  • Is the door leaf in good physical condition with no holes or significant damage. Does the door leaf sit against the door stop, are all veneers, lipping and beadings fully bonded and is it free from distortion? Does the door open and lose freely without binding on the floor.

  • Is the frame in a good state of repair and securely attached to the wall and, from a visual inspection, does the area around the door frame appear to be fire stopped?

  • Is the frame to door leaf gap consistently 3mm (+/- 1mm) to the sides and top and 10mm at the threshold(3mm if smoke seals fitted) or less ?

  • Are the seals if fitted the correct size (FD30 10mm, FD60 20mm) complete, free from damage?

  • Are hinges FR rated and CE marked, in good working order? Are there three or more hinges fitted?

  • Is the door closer securely attached to the door and the frame, free from damage and oil leaks and operate fully and at an appropriate speed? If fitted do door sorters and hold open devices operate correctly?

  • Does the glass appear to be FR rated? (BS476-22 / BS EN 1634-1) Are glazed panels in good condition, unbroken with all beads and intumescent seals in place?

  • Are letter boxes or vents fitted with intumescent blocks or seals.

  • Are doors fitted with appropriate signage such as keep shut/locked/clear?


  • Compliance Rating

  • Additional Comments and photos if required.

Priority Rating

  • undefined

  • Reason for no access is...



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  • Carried out by :

  • Diligentia Safety Ltd. 61 Shortwood Avenue, Hucknall Nottingham. NG15 6DD.

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