• Audit Title

  • West One Shopping Centre

    no label
  • Conducted on

Statutory six monthly full evacuation drill

  • Site Name:

  • Site Address:
  • Date and Time of Exercise:

  • Is the Fire Detection and Alarm System operating with no isolations or faults indicating?<br>

  • Have any faults or isolations been reported to the relevant site contact?

  • Has verbal approval been given by the site contact to activate the Emergency Warning System?

  • Has the fire brigade and TFL been informed of the test?

  • Has The fire alarm panel been taken off-line?

  • Start Time of Evac:

  • End Time of Evac:

  • Notes on Exercise:

  • Total evac time - 75 Davies Street (mins):

  • Total evac time - West One (mins):

  • Notes for De-Brief:

  • Head count at roll call

  • Persons missing at roll call

  • Persons late at roll call

  • Approximate number of staff - 75 Davies Street

  • Approximate number of staff - West One Shopping Centre

  • Building Representative Name and Signature verifying Warning System returned to normal operation:

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