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  • Date of Inspection

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Inspection of all fire extinguishers should visually determine the following:

  • Is fire extinguisher demarcated?

  • Is it conspicuous? (visible)

  • Is it blocked by anything?

  • Has it been activated and is partially or completely emptied?

  • Has it been tampered with?

  • Has it sustained any physical damage?

  • If a pressure gauge is present, does it show to be satisfactory?

  • Is the hose/nozzle plugged in and not damaged?

  • Have you physically removed the extinguisher from its bracket and turned the extinguisher over and shook it to loosen the powder in the extinguisher? Then did you return the extinguisher to it's bracket or storage location?

  • Are monthly and annual inspections being completed?

  • Is there a Fire Siren?

  • Is the box in good condition, is the cover on the box?

  • Is an Evacuation Map present and up to date?

  • Are regular fire drills completed?

  • Are the fire wardens trained?

  • Are the escape routes clearly marked?

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