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Scheduled Test Frequency

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  • 3 Yearly

Checklist (Primary/Secondary Pumps)

  • Check water & oil levels

  • Record tank fuel level

  • Pump start devices operating correctly?

  • Record pump suction pressure

  • Record pump discharge pressure

  • Gland/seal function correctly & drain clear?

  • "Pump Run Alarm" and light operational?

  • Excessive vibration or noise?

  • Any water, oil, fuel or exhaust leaks?

  • Alternator charging?

  • Engine stop mechanism operation?

  • Coolant discharging correctly?

  • Pump casing air relief valve operating?

  • Pressure relief/flow control valves operational?

  • Check batteries - electrolyte levels correct (control/start batteries)

  • Check batteries - record voltage (control/star batteries)

  • Battery terminals tight and free of corrosion?

  • Battery compartment free of corrosion?

  • Battery charger working correctly?

  • Record total engine run time

  • Record engine revs

  • Run engine for 30 mins under load

  • Stop unit - is pump in ready to start mode?

  • Power failure bell alarm operational?

  • Valves secured in correct operating position?

  • Spare gaskets/oil filters etc on hand?

Comments/defects noted or repairs

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