1.0 Administration

1.1. Is store Included in Facility Emergency Plan?

1.2. Are the no smoking rules enforced?

1.3. Are hot work protocols required?

2.0 Area Inspection

2.1 Is the store clear of combustible scrap, debris, waste, materials eg. oily rags, packaging, etc.

2.2 Are approved containers used for storage and handling of flammables?

2.3 Are all containers compliantly and clearly labelled?

2.4 Are all containers sealed and free of leaks?

2.5 Is store ventilation adequate?

2.6 Is eXplosion-proof lighting fitted?

2.7 Is dangerous goods signage compliant?

2.8 Is no smoking signage in place?

2.9 Is "no unauthorised entry" signage in place?

2.10 Are store access controls in place?

2.11 Is correct first response fire fighting equipment in place eg. Extinguishers, hose reels?

2.12 Is first response fire fighting equipment within test date?

2.13 Are store walls, roof, floor and doors non-combustible or appropriately fire-rated?

2.14 Is spill containment medium available?

2.15 Does the store bunding appear intact?

2.16 Are only DG Class 3 substances located in store?

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