Aircraft Emergency Equipment. (Complete this inspection on an aircraft)

1. Is Aircraft Support Equipment present and in good working order?

2. On the aircraft. Inspect parachutes, are inspection tags current/ Is the O2 bottle serviced to 1800 PSI?

3. On the aircraft. Are the First aid kits serviceable? Is the inspection tag signed off?

4. On the Aircraft. Are all quick don masks clean and serviceable? Is the inspection current?

5. Are all halon fire extinguishers serviceable and secure to the aircraft?

6. Are crash axes stowed and in the proper locations on the aircraft?

7. Are walk around bottles secure and in a serviceable condition?

Training Programs (Are they informative, comprehensive and conducted with in a safe manner? This section can be completed by review of class outlines.)

1. Hanging harness class?

2. Life Support Equipment Training?

3. Combat Survival Training?

4. Water Survival Training?

Survival Equipment Maintanice

1. Are helmets inspected and maintained in accordance with AFE regulations?

2. Are survival vest inspected and maintained in accordance with AFE regulations?

3. Are weapons stored and maintained with in regulations?

4. Are NVG's inspected and maintained in accordance with AFE regulations.


Report Routing

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