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Laboratories and Associated Areas

Health and Safety Signage

  • Is there Health and Safety Signage clearly visible at all access points to the lab, and are the hazards present in the lab identified (if not specify the information that is missing)?

  • Is relevant signage present on the doors of the anterooms leading from the main laboratory?

  • Are there any other comments?

Risk Assessments, Inductions and Emergency Procedure Awareness

  • Have the lab personnel had a H&S induction from their PI or a senior member of staff?

  • Are lab personnel aware of emergency procedures including evacuation procedures, first aid and hazardous spill procedures?

  • Are lab personnel aware of the accident and incident reporting procedures?

  • If there an upto date lab safety file present for each research group which includes general risk assessment COSHH SSRA and MSDS?

  • Are lab personnel aware of the need for personal risk assessments e.g. Expectant mothers and PEEPS?

  • Are there any other comments?

Access, Egress and Aisles

  • Are all access and egress points to the lab free of obstructions?

  • Are all aisles in the lab free of obstructions and slip or trip hazards?

  • Is the flooring in good condition with no cracks, trip hazards or tape used to fix it down?

  • Are there any other comments?

First Aid Equipment

  • If there is an eye-wash shower, is the cap free of dust and undamaged?

  • Is there a visible record of the eyewash shower being flushed on a regular basis?

  • If there is no eye-wash shower present, is there an "in-date" saline eye-wash bottle<br>that can be easily located?

  • Is there a clearly visible and current first aid signage?

  • Is there a fully stocked first aid box?

Cold Rooms Fridges, -20 & -80 Freezers

  • Cold room number

  • Is the cold room clean, free of mould and well-organised?

  • Is the cold room racking secure, are the items suitably stored and labelled with no mouldy agar plates or unidentifiable items?

  • Are extension leads in use in the cold room suitably protected?

  • Is the cold room emergency release device functional, does alarm sound locally to the lab or corridor. Is the emergency phone functional with clear instructions next to it regarding what to do in the event of an emergency?

  • Are all fridges and freezers labelled as either “spark-proof” or “warning explosion hazard”?

  • Are there thermally insulated gauntlets suitable for use with -80 freezers readily available and in good condition?<br><br>

  • Are there any other comments?

Fume Hoods

  • Has each fume hood in the laboratory been tested in the last 14 months

  • Are the flow indicators on each hood working correctly?

  • Is at least 60% of the fume hood/s clear and uncluttered? If not, is the hood being used for a dedicated purpose and space available in other hoods in the lab?

  • Are they clean and free of rust?

  • Is any hazardous waste in the fume hood, clearly labeled and correctly segregated? Is waste kept to a minimum?

  • Do staff know how to dispose of hazardous waste?

  • Are there any other comments?

Flammables and Corrosives

  • Are the corrosives stored in an appropriate vented cabinet with corrosion resistant shelving that is clearly labeled with a yellow corrosives label?

  • Are the acids and bases correctly segregated (both from each other and any other incompatible substances)?

  • Is the concentrated nitric acid segregated from the other acids and in secondary containment / on a separate shelf?

  • Are the flammables stored in an appropriate designated cabinet that is clearly labelled with a yellow flammables label?

  • Are the flammable correctly segregated and stored away from incompatible substances?

  • Are there any other comments?

Other Chemicals

  • Are all chemicals suitably stored and correctly segregated (and when on shelves not above eye height)?

  • Are the poisons at room temperature correctly segregated and stored in a clearly labelled, lockable poisons cabinet and is the key present?

  • Are the balances in a good, clean state?

  • Are there any other comments?

Gas Cylinders, Autoclaves and Other High Pressure Systems

  • Are there gas cylinders in use? If so list types of gases.

  • Are all the gas cylinders properly secured with the correct regulator in use?

  • Is the autoclave in good condition and has it been serviced within the last year?

  • Are there heat proof gloves readily available for use with the autoclave and are they in good condition?

  • Are there other high pressure systems in the laboratory e.g. gas compressors, French Press etc. If so please specify?

  • Are there any other comments?

General Housekeeping

  • Are the lab benches, shelves and windowsills (apart from obvious work in progress) free of clutter?

  • Are items stored at height being stored safely e.g. so there is no risk of falling items, boxes containing loose items such as consumables are sealed etc?

  • Are there any other comments?

General Laboratory Waste

  • Are the correct bins in use (including the correct bin liners when applicable) and are none of them overflowing?

  • Are any bio-hazard bags in use contained in a wire basket or in any other way such that they are unlikely to fall / spill their contents?

  • Is the Lab free of a buildup of any other waste e.g. solvent bottles, sharps bins?

  • Are there any other comments?

Electrical Items

  • Is the PAT testing up to date i.e. tested within the last year (3 items from every bench have been checked and ownership identified where possible)?<br>

  • Have all items of equipment that have failed PAT testing been removed from service and either gone for repair or disposal?

  • Are extension leads being used in a safe manner i.e. not daisy chained, overloaded or likely to cause a trip hazard?

  • Is there equipment such as Microtomes / Cryostats, if so list type and ownership?

  • Are there any other comments?

Ladders and Kick Stools

  • Are any ladders and kicks tools present in the laboratory in a good state of repair?

  • Where there are ladders, have personnel had working at height training?

  • Are there any other comments?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Please note that anyone present in the lab at the time of the inspection who is found not to be wearing a lab coat will have be issued with a non-compliance notice

  • Are lab coats being stored on the hooks / in the cupboards provided?

  • Do all lab personnel have access to appropriate and well fitting eye and or face protection?

  • Are items such as visors, goggles and spectacles be stored and in a manner that they are unlikely to become scratched / damaged?

  • Where there are UV visors, are they clearly labelled as "suitable for use with UV"?

  • Are there any other comments?

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