Safe Behaviour

  • Is the employee following prescribed standard work procedures, including required safety procedures?

  • Is the employee following required lockout of hazardous energies? This includes the requirement to lockout or to provide lockout equivalent protection during set-up and troubleshooting activities.

  • Can fingers be pinched?

  • If parts are stuck or misaligned in the equipment, is the employee using the approved tool to remove the parts?

  • For two person or multi-person work, are employees following the required safe work instructions?

  • Are signs posted that clearly communicate the required personal protective equipment to be used?

  • Is the employee wearing all the required personal protective equipment? For example: eye or hearing protection, safety shoes, gloves, etc

  • Is the employee using excessive force to push or pull an object?

Safe conditions

  • Are signs/labels (in local language) provided on equipment to warn of potential pinch points and other hazards?

  • Are non-movable barrier guards securely fastened to machines and designed yo prevent contact with pinch points and other hazards?

  • Ae movable barrier guards designed such that when they are opened all motion of the machine and its conveyors are stopped?

  • Are areas around equipment clean and free of trip hazards?


  • Results from employee interview:

Set-up Employee Safety Questionnaire

  • Valuestream

  • Department

  • Machine

  • Do you have all the tools that you need? If not what do you do?

  • Are your tools in good shape? If not why?

  • Have you ever had a near miss?

  • Do you have any safety concerns? If yes are they addressed in a timely manner?

  • Do you ever have to use a lot of force when you do your job?

  • Do you have any issues with racks?

  • Do you have any issues with your die / mold truck?

  • Do you do any set-ups with two people? If yes, what are the risks?

  • Can you think of anything that would make your job safer?

  • What function is the most dangerous part of your job?

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