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Service Desk Tasks

  • Is the oldest service request <1 week?

  • Are all completed service requests passed to admin for closure on day of completion?

General Housekeeping - Storage and Desk

  • Are areas free of trip hazards and obstructions?

  • Are scrap/waste items segregated and disposed of correctly?

  • Are fire exits and evacuation routes clear?

  • Is the 5S principal being followed? (Sort, Shine, Straighten, Standardise & Sustain)

  • Are floor surfaces clean and free from oils/residue?

  • Are all tools/equipment stored safely when not in use?

  • Clean desk policy

Risk Assessments

  • Has the R.A. for the current task been reviewed? An example should be documented

  • Is the R.A. suitable and sufficient for the current task?

Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.)

  • Is job specific mandatory PPE readily available and in use?

  • Is all P.P.E. at a satisfactory standard? No exessive signs of wear and tear.

  • Are all team members wearing standard issue work wear?

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