1.0 Rail Safe Worker Competency

  • Protection officer has current COC? (Gold card, Pegasus)

2.0 Emergency Procedures

  • Evacuation plans prepared

  • Evacuation points at this location?

  • Pre work briefing conducted for all persons at this site and can be viewed?

  • Worksite protection plans in place and can be viewed.

  • All person on site have signed on briefing

3.0 Worksite Protection Details

  • What method of protection is in place at this site?

  • Has the network controller been contacted for the area?

  • Protection officer has a current set of network rules & procedures.

  • Do you require a Corridor Safety Number (CSN)?

  • Can the Protection Officer produce a MWT Sighting Distance Calculator?

  • Is the Protection Officer competent in the use of the calculator; refer protection plant.

4.0 Health & Fitness for Work

  • Does protection officer undertake alcohol testing at this site?

  • Any prescription medication that may impair ability to work?

  • Type of fostered shift?

  • Span of hours worked at this site.

  • How many hours between shifts?

5.0 Track Protection Equipment

  • Are auditory track signalling devices (dets) within date and SDS available.

  • Are auditory track signalling devices (dets) secured correctly.

  • Safe working flags in suitable condition

  • Are auditory warning devices I.e horns, whistles fit for purpose.

  • Red warning lights are fully operational.

6.0 Copies of Documents Collected

  • Rail Safe working cards

  • Completed pre-work briefing

  • Completed protection plans

  • Completed protection logs entries

  • Completed safe working diary entries

  • Updates network rules & procedures

7.0 OHS Requirements

  • Attended client induction before starting on site

  • Construction Induction card

  • Rail Safe work COC

  • Correct Rail Safe PPE for the task

  • Understands reporting procedure for site & INFRAWORKS.

  • Aware of manual handling technique when clipping and locking points if required.

  • Comments:

Sign Off

  • Auditor sign off

  • Protection Officer Sign off

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