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  • Document No.

  • Licence number

  • Address
  • Business email

  • Business phone number

  • Date of inspection

  • Officer

Food Safety Practices & General Requirements

Food Receipt

  • Food protected from contamination

  • Identification / traceability of food<br>

  • Temperature control of potentially hazardous foods

Food Storage

  • Food protected from contamination

  • Temperature control of potentially hazardous foods

Food Processing

  • Safe and Suitable Food

  • Protection from contamination

  • Adequate cooking / processing

  • Potentially hazardous food out of temperature control for minimum time

  • Cooling of potentially hazardous food- two hours 60-21 & four hours 21-5

  • Reheating potentially hazardous food to greater than 60

Food Display

  • Protection from contamination

  • Temperature below 5 or above 60; or hard frozen

Food Packaging

  • Protection from contamination

Food Transportation

  • Protection from contamination

  • Temperature control of potentially hazardous foods

Food Disposal / Food Recall

  • Food disposal separation / recall process

Health and Hygiene Requirements

  • Food handlers knowledge commensurate with duties

  • Health of food handlers

  • Hygiene of food handlers

  • Food business responsibilities

Cleaning, Sanitising & Maintenance

  • Cleanliness of food premises

  • Cleaning / sanitising equipment

  • Maintenance of premises, fixtures and equipment


  • Temperature measuring device +/- 1 degree

  • Single use items

  • Control of animals and pests

Food Premises & Equipment

Food Premises and Equipment

  • Suitable design and construction

  • Water supply adequate and potable

  • Sewage, waste water and refuse disposal

  • Adequate ventilation and lighting

  • Adequate hand washing facilities

  • Storage facilities (personal, chemicals etc.)

  • Adequate staff toilet facilities

Management & Control Procedures

  • Track record

  • Management approach to food safety

  • Hygiene and food safety knowledge available

  • Documented food safety procedures

  • Training arrangements for food handlers

Smoking & Tobacco Products Control

Smoking / Tobacco Products Control

  • Point of sale requirements

  • Smoking in public places

Actions and Scores

  • Follow up action required

  • Scores on the Doors

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