Food Receipt (Standard 3.2.2, Div 3, Para 5)

Is food protected from contamination?

Is potentially hazardous food accepted from supplier at a temperature of below 5 or above 60 degrees Celsius?

Is frozen food when received from supplier still frozen?

Food Storage (Standard 3.2.2, Div 3, Para 6)

Does premises store food in such a way that protects it from contamination?

Is potentially hazardous foodstuffs stored under temperature control?

Is frozen food stored in a frozen environment (Below 0 degrees Celsius)

Cleaning, Sanitising and Maintenance (Standard 3.2.2, Div 5, Para 7)

Is garbage stored in garbage containers with lid?

Is premises and fixtures and fittings free of visible dirt, grease or other visible matter?

Are food contact surfaces and equipment in a clean and sanitary condition?

Equipment (Standard 3.2.2, Div 5, Para 21)

Is food processing equipment maintained in a good state of repair and in working order?

Is temperature monitoring equipment accessible and calibrated to +\- 1 degree Celsius?

Food Processing (Standard 3.2.2, Div 3, Para 7)

When food is cooked, is it cooled within 2 hours from 60 degrees to 21 degrees Celsius?

When food is cooked, is it cooled within 4 hours from 21 degrees to 5 degrees Celsius?

When potentially hazardous cooked food is reheated, is it reheated rapidly to at least 60 degrees Celsius and provide evidence.

Food Display (Standard 3.2.2, Div 3, Para 8)

Is displayed food supervised to avoid potential contamination by consumer?

Does premises provide separate serving utensils for each food to minimise food contamination?

Are food display areas provided with a protective barrier to minimise contamination by consumers?

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