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General Food Safety

  • Are there signs of chipping, flaking and peeling of paint on structural beams and walls?

  • Are materials stored within designated marked lines?

  • Are floors, walls and ceilings clean and in good repair?

  • Are condensates likely to contaminate foods, raw materials, or food contact surfaces?

  • Are fixtures and fittings, such as lighting and fans, clean and dust free?

  • Is there an offensive odor in the area?

  • Are there signs of excessive lubrication leakage from machinery?

  • Are there signs of flaking paint, excessive rust on steel equipment?

  • Are contractors and visitors complying with GMP procedures?

Personal Practices (GMP)

  • Do employees in contact with ingredients or food processing have clean uniforms?

  • Are employees free of jewelry, such as chains, rings with settings, or dangling jewelry?

  • Is there evidence of eating, drinking, or smoking outside designated areas?

  • Are personal effects stored in production or ingredient areas?

  • Are pens, pencils or other personal effects carried in shirt pockets in production areas?

  • Are any employees in contact with exposed food suffering from boils, sores, or infections?

  • Is any container being used for any item other than that for which it was originally intended?

Operational Appearance and Practices

  • Are production change parts or equipment supplies stored correctly?

  • Are there any unusable /scrap equipment stored in production or ingredients areas?

  • Is house keeping in good order?

  • Are hand washing stations working, clean and with sanitizers and disposable paper towels?

  • Are single-service containers for ingredients being reused?

  • Are there any obvious practices that can lead to product contamination?

Pest Control

  • Are bait stations in place as shown on Pest Control Map?

  • Any signs of pests, either insect, rodent, or bird?

  • Are electric flying insect control units in proper location? Are they in working condition? Clean?

Batching and Ingredient Handling

  • Are there any spillages, leakages or water that is not being handled?

  • Are food containers kept off the floor and covered when not being used?

  • Are food containers and ingredient containers appropriately labeled?

  • Are drums, totes, barrels in processing areas externally clean?

  • Are filtering screens (sifters, strainers,) torn or damaged?

  • Are all pipe & connectors properly capped to prevent contamination?

  • Are partial ingredients properly identified and packaged to prevent contamination?

Material Receipt and Storage Requirements

  • Are ingredients stored off the floor and away from walls and ceilings at least 18 inches?

  • Are all ingredients and packaging stored in a clean, well ventilated and dry area?

  • Are they protected from condensate, sewage, dirt, toxic chemicals or other contaminants?

  • Is FEFO used for ingredients and packaging ?

  • Are pallets and skids clean and in good repair?

  • Are chemicals segregated from ingredients and packaging?

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