Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • GMP personal

  • Barang pribadi

  • Penempatan peralatan/tooling

  • Cutter single blade

  • Cutter/pisau patah

  • PPE/ear plug

  • Label & proteksi WIP

  • Area sortir/handmade


  • Perbaikan sementara di mesin

  • Mtn request – perbaikan sementara

  • Pijakan dan conveyor – kontaminasi

  • Bau asing/menyengat

  • Cover lampu, glass register

  • Penempatan parts & peralatan

  • Label wadah cairan, food grade oil

  • Produk printed yang dipakai

Process Control

  • Inline test – KPI/QC point

  • WI/instruksi kerja, toleransi/guide Mesin/Proses

  • Prosedur start-up & change over

  • Quality check, product clearance

  • Metode statistik

Product Quality

  • Job bag (Spec, Art, Color match)

  • Deviasi

  • Inspeksi quality

  • MRS, quality check

  • Lampu color matching

  • Penyimpanan plate print

  • Approval set-up/print

  • Disposal waste print

Control of NC

  • Disposisi RM, FG, WIP

Product HACCP

  • Record rework, disposal, recycle

Product Tracking

  • Pencatatan nomor Lot/batch


  • Safety area kerja

  • Internal training/pemahaman

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