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Is the Self Service/SAYS area manned correctly?

  • A fully trained colleague should be manning the area with a minimum of 1 per corral. Security not to be used to cover self service. Colleagues working in this area should be vigilant and not move away to complete other duties

  • At least 1 Colleague on Self Scan, 1 Colleague on SAYS (Stores with separate SAYS Only)

  • Colleague moving about area consistently? If area is quiet then Colleague standing at exit of area?

  • Colleagues on SS/SAYS are using Headsets as a link to Team Support (If these are broken are they reported to helpdesk)

  • Colleague is watching for red lights?

  • Evidence of validating items prior to using authorisation card e.g Age Prompts\ Weight Mismatch

  • No detagging prior to item being scanned?

  • Full customer interaction at all times?

  • Log onto a self service till and request the "Assistance Previous 7 Days By Cashier"<br>Check how many different till numbers have been entered for the previous week on Self Checkout on the report - does this match up with how many Self Checkout colleagues the store have?

  • All Incidents at SAYS & Self Service are being recorded on the Incident Reporting system? Ask Colleagues if they have had any Incidents and then check the IR System for compliance

Voids\Walk Off's (Self Scan\SAYS)

  • Can colleagues describe what to do with walk off's and voids and the importance of this?

  • Can Operator describe what to do if they are asked to reprint a receipt at self scan?

Are SAYS full and partial checks being completed as per guidelines?

  • Partial checks are complete full bag checks?
    Full checks are completed 100%

  • Witness a partial check and ensure that a full bag is being scanned?

  • No evidence of “Reset” barcode being used

  • Full checks are system generated or if there is a certainty of theft - no repeated use of Forced check barcode?

  • Are weighted items being checked for accuracy and a true value on barcode label? Are colleagues spot checking the weighted items for true weight and that the product matches the label?

Is the store team engaged in the SAYS Scorecard?

  • Front End Managers and Team Supports must be able to describe the scorecard performance. % failed service checks, top items found under scanned. A copy of the scorecard is available on the department and the colleagues are aware of it and should be able to describe commonly found under scanned items

  • Folder set up for Front End Shrink?

  • Evidence of Team Support sharing scorecard info across department? Are they sharing potential threats for High Value, Clothing, threat areas in the store?

  • Colleague can detail % of checks? Colleague can detail top items from Scorecard?

  • Colleague can describe the difference between partial check and full check?

  • Can colleague describe the difference between Underscan and Overscan from SAYS scorecard and the impact this can cause?

  • Evidence that DKE tracker aligns with G Drive DKE Report and reasons and next steps up to date

Are all tills locked?

  • All main bank and peripheral area smart till drawers should have the dead lock applied when the till is not in use. All SS and SAYS tills locked at all times

  • Close of Trade Team Support ensures all checkouts deadlock applied?

  • All tills dead locked as they come out of use each day?

  • Gold Key is tagged and Team Support has this on them at all times?

  • Evidence of sign in and out of Gold key at the start of day and end of day? Key secured in cash office at end of day?

Are all de-taggers locked?

  • Must be locked on any unmanned till. Self Serve and SAYS de taggers must be locked when the area is closed. De taggers in back areas must be locked when not in use including Dotcom outside of picking hours. None to be found unsecured or unlocked with keys in drawers etc.

  • Evidence of colleagues closing de tagger as they come off tills? Spot check some closed tills to ensure all locked?

  • No keys left unattended. Team supports have keys on them at all times?

Are checkout gates sealed?

  • Any unmanned checkout must be sealed by means of security seal when not in use

  • Evidence of continual vigilance by Team Supports re sealing gates when checkouts closed?

  • Team supports have seals available for sealing gates?

  • Colleague awareness of their responsibility of till security?

  • No evidence of put backs building up at main bank checkouts? Visual check area and ask Team Support what the process is for put backs?


  • Have all colleagues working on self checkout completed know your stuff training for SAYS and Assisted Service Checkouts?<br>Validate some colleagues TRC that work on Self-Checkout

  • Have all Colleagues watched the videos that were part of the front end roadshow training from 2018? <br>Validate some Colleagues TRC that work on Self-Checkout

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