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Front End

  • Store has an engagement plan for all colleagues on SAYS & Self Scan an colleagues are aware off this?

  • SAYS scorecards - do store have file set up at SAYS with scorecards, are top lines highlighted and can colleagues on SAYS describe scorecard?

  • Are all Checkout gates secured when not in use and all Detaggers are locked when not in use?

  • The customer service desk has all drawers locked, no signs of grazing and no keys or Credit\Debit cards lying around?

  • Store has a live DKE plan and reviewing this on a weekly basis?


  • Waste cage is locked at all times and Duty Manager has the keys?

  • Check week -1 Waste prints are all signed off line by line by Duty Manager and filed as per WGLL

  • Damages areas in Fresh\Ambient & Non Food are laid out as per Project Zero pack and no build up of Damages?

  • Frozen Blue Bag process is live in store with cage locked down?

  • Review previous days transfers folder for signatures and values, evidence of FF4K and Canteen transfers each day?

Product Protection

  • Review BWS product protection, also check no spirits lines have 35cl bottle lox on?

  • Review H&B product protection, are top lines on dashboard all protected?

  • Review Electrical & GM Product Protection?

  • Are Clothing fitting rooms locked, manned an no signs of grazing?

  • Clothing - review delivery check in process for Clothing, are deliveries being unpacked and scanned in? Do store have mismatch file for clothing shrinkage and do they complete the returns scan once a week?

  • Complete Key control check in store for evidence of this being managed and key controls in place?

  • Review Project Genie checklist has it been checked off and store has evidence of this? Spot check a selection of these whilst in store

  • Review engagement of Project Genie, ask colleague in BWS and also H&B to describe the roll they play in the project?

Warehouse & back areas

  • Access to backyard is controlled and a visitor book in use?

  • All secure bonds\lock ups have up to date access lists and door guards switched on? Is the secure meat cage locked?

  • Any evidence of grazing in back areas?

  • Review RDR and delivery check in process for all deliveries?

  • Review Shrink & Security meeting board and process, is it up to date and relevant next steps in place with up to date deepdive plan? Are transfer details entered as values?

  • Dotcom - review process for CDA returning high value products to the store, does the dept have a folder that is signed off by duty manager?

  • Dotcom - review process for freshness guarantee lines, can the store show evidence of freshness guarantee lines being wasted and file proves this?

Other Areas

  • Any other next steps for store observed on todays visit? List below

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