Property information

  • Type of property

  • Roof

Outside visual system information (visual only)

  • Number of panels

  • Please provide photo of array

  • Does it visually appear correct roofing brackets are used for the type of roof?

  • Are the panels in good condition?

  • Has the system been installed to protect against birds nesting under them?

  • Does it visually appear that there are a suitable number of roof anchors?

  • Is the DC roof penetration adequate?

  • Does the PV array require Surge protection measure as per the guidance note 2.2.6?

  • Is Protective equipotential bonding required as per 2.2.3 and if yes has this been provided?

  • Visibly are there any broken tiles?

  • Are there any other concerns visually from outside of the property?

  • Please provide photos of any concerns

Inverter Location

  • Is the inverter operational?

  • Please provide photos of the inverter in operation and a photo of the serial number

  • Has the inverter been mounted securely?

  • Is the inverter local to distribution board? if not has a separate AC isolator that satisfies Engineering recommendation 2.3.3?

  • Has all adequate labelling been provided as per EN 5 ( inc fig 30 where applicable). Please provide details of any missing labels

  • Is the inverter set to engineering recommendations G83 / G59?

  • Is there adequate ventilation around the inverter as per EN

  • Is the temperature range expected to stay within -15 to 80 C as per EN

  • Does the D.C cabling used satisfy EN

  • Do the strings have accessible means of DC isolation as per EN 2.1.12 ?

  • Does the isolation Satisfy the general requirements of EN and

  • As per 4.3.9 the PV system should not adversely affect the weather tightness of the structure to which they are fitted. Internally does the roof appear in OK condition?

  • Please provide a photo of any concerns with the weather tightness of the roof internally.

  • Is the inverter easily accessible ( walk boards, adequate lighting provided)

  • Please detail any other concerns

  • Please provide photo of any concerns

2.3 Design Part 3 - A.C System

  • 2.3.1 The PV System inverter(s) should be installed on a dedicated final circuit to the requirements of BS7671

  • 2.3.2 The correct selection of the type of RCD in accordance with regulation EN 712.411. of BS7671

  • Has the correct cable protection from inverter to distribution board been provided to satisfy EN 2.3.5?

  • Has a local AC isolator that satisfies EN 2.3.3 been installed?

  • Has all adequate labelling been provided as per EN 5 ( inc fig 30 where applicable)? Please provide details of any missing labels

  • 2.3.6 -The Metering records energy delivered by the PV system, is easily readable and accessible?

  • Please provide photo of meter (which includes serial number and energy generated)

  • What size is the breaker?

  • Is there any other areas of concern?

  • Please provide a photo of any concerns

Photovoltaic system documents

  • Has the end user been explained how the system works (including emergency shutdown / start up procedures?

  • Has a hand over pack been provided to the end user?

  • Has basic system information (pasts used, rated power, Installation dates etc) been provided?

  • Has system designer information been provided?

  • Has system installer information been provided?

  • Has a wiring diagram which has information as noted on the EN 7 been provided?

  • Has module data sheets been provided?

  • Has inverter datasheets been provided?

  • Has a mounting system datasheet been provided?

  • Has an operation and maintenance manual been provided that includes all the relevant information as per EN 7?

  • Has the warranty documentation been provided for both PV modules and inverters?

  • Has documentation on any applicable workmanship or weather tightness warranties been provided?

  • Have all test results and commissioning data been provided?

  • Has an MCS Certificate been provided?

  • A certificate signed by the contractor containing at least the following:
    o a statement confirming that the solar PV system meets the requirements of this standard
    o Client name and address
    o Site address (if different)
    o Contractors name, address etc.
    o List of key components installed
    o Estimation of system performance

  • The maintenance requirements and maintenance services available

  • Operation & maintenance manual should include the following:

    · System Data
    o A copy of the basic system information
    o A single line electrical schematic.
    o A copy of the manuals and data sheets for the following system
     PV modules
     Other relevant product documentation.

  • · Test results & commissioning data
    o A copy of the test & commissioning documentation
    o Table of inverter protection settings (under/over voltage,
    under/over frequency, etc).

  • If required pre and/or post notification to the District notification Operator

Report Conclusion

  • General Notes

  • This report will be provided to Waltham Forest Housing for the property file þ to action any works outside of Astons remit. A letter will be sent to the resident advising of any action that can be taken or if no works can be facilitated in relation to draft proofing.

  • Surveyor

  • Resident

  • Residents Contact No.

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