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  • 3 pin UK rack mount PDU installed with 2 spare sockets? Please provide pictures.

  • Full length rack shelf installed and screwed securely in place? Please provide pictures.

  • RAD device installed on shelf connected to power and switch? (please provide pictures and document switch port number)<br>

  • Draytek modem installed on shelf, connected to power and switch? (please provide pictures and document port number)

  • Power plugs for RAD device and modem clearly labelled?

  • Modem and RAD connected to telco if available? (Please provide pictures)

  • Any of the devices require re-positioning? e.g, UPS on the bottom U of the shelf. Please provide details and pictures.

  • After completing work, detailed photos taken of the IT rack?

  • Please give feedback on how to secure the IT Cab on second return, if required. <br>Please provide pictures of Cab Door.

  • Please add any additional notes below.

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