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Zespri GAP Systems Internal Audit

  • Has a review taken place and updates made to Apata's GAP systems if required

  • Have all the updated Zespri GAP Systems documents been downloaded into T:drive. Use the Zespri document matrix as a guide.

  • Procedure in place for packhouse-grower contracts.

  • Grower database (Caboodle) is compliant, eg GAP numbers, MPI numbers

  • Multisite review conducted for the previous season, Multisite review spreadsheet

  • Inspector Work Instructions in place

  • Training register complete and includes all training requirements for all Inspectors.

  • Audit checklist being kept on file, T:drive/quality&compliance/GlobalGAP

  • Option 1 Growers CAV kept on File, T:drive/quality&compliance/GlobalGAP.

  • Peer reviews on all checklist have been completed for the previous season

  • Have all new MSO's had the required harvest audit.

  • Have any sanctions been given to any MSO.

  • Has a mass balance been completed for the previous season.T:drive/quality&compliance/GlobalGAP.

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