Sales & Budgets

Enter last weeks weekly sales

Enter MTD Budget varience

Enter last weeks GP%

Enter last weeks average sale amount

Turn on if you are not above budget

What is the plan to increase sales to get back into the black?

Whole Store Gap Scan

Whole store gap scan is completed for the week

Upload a photo of the Gap Check Spreadsheet for the week onto Whatsapp

What is the number of in stock gaps for this week?

What is the number of in stock Sigma gaps?

What is the number of in stock WN gaps?

What is the number of in stock WH gaps?

Which section(s) require attention to get the number of gaps down?

Out of stock for more than 5 days report

Use the reports function in MRM to produce an order of all dos for more than 5 days and send it off

How many lines are in the OOS order?

How many of those lines are genuinely dos from the supplier?

Stationary Order

There is sufficient plastic bags

There are sufficient till rolls

Tick the type of paper you have sufficient levels of:

Place stationary order

Direct ordering schedule

All direct orders have been sighted and placed for the week

Were any of the direct order missed this week?

Which orders were missed?


Boxes on Floor

All boxes are only stacked neatly to one side of an aisle

Where possible boxes of stock are stored on stock trollies

Stock Trollies

All trollies are packed away when not in use off the shop floor

All trollies are located in their designated areas only in the store


No plastic or Sigma lids on the floor at all times

Designated rubbish emptying times off the floor daily

Back Dock

Back dock neat, tidy and organised

Post photo of back dock onto Whatsapp

Back Rooms & Offices

All back rooms and offices near, tidy and organised

Post photo of back rooms and offices onto Whatsapp

Compliance Calendar and floor plan

Latest compliance calendar stuck up

Is this week a catalogue week?

Post a photo of floor plan

All next weeks off locations have been ordered for?


X Lines & Weekly Price Updates

X Lines clearance signs are printed and displayed for the week

Do a spot check for this weeks clearance signs in the aisles, out of 5 how many of them are up?

Please follow up and ensure that all clearance signs have been put up

Weekly Price Updates shelf labels are printed and displayed for the week

Do a spot check for this weeks updated shelf labels in the aisles, out of 5 how many are up?

Please follow up and ensure that all shelf labels have been put up

Sigma Ordering Checklists/Staff Taskplans/Staff Walkthroughs

For each staff member, please specify the number of sigma ordering checklists used, how many walkthroughs they have written for themselves, and how many task plans they have written for themselves for the week



No. of Sigma Ordering Checklists Filed

No. of Task Plans Completed

No. of Walkthroughs Written

No. of Walkthroughs Completed

Security Tagging

Top 15 stolen products security tagged excluding fragrances

Do a spot check for security tagging in the aisles for those 15 items, out of 5 how many are tagged?

Please follow up and ensure that tagging is being completed for the top 15 products


Section Review & One-on-Ones

Section Review has been completed for this week

Please provide a reason as to why Section Review was not completed this week

What is the score that each staff member got?

Staff Members Name


One on One meetings have been conducted with each staff member to discuss section review

For each staff member please specify whether the meeting has occurred this week

Staff Members Name:

Did meeting occur?

Please provide employee signature
Front of Shop

Sunglasses Stands all full and with full POS

Gondolas facing outside full with no gaps

External Gonadols having no missing POS

Opening Checklist is utilised everyday


Walkthrough provided by Will is completed

How many walkthroughs have been fully completed this week?
Rolling EDLP Replacement
Please specify how many bays per Aisle have had their EDLPs replaced and refreshed this week

Aisle Number:

No. Of Bays Completed:


Top 150 fragrance levels checked and ordered for

Next Catalogue fragrance lines checked and ordered for

Post photos of all fragrance cabinets and all fragrance off locations onto Whatsapp for review

Daily 4-5pm fragrance displays maintenance Mon-Sun enforced


Post photos of all shoes displays onto Whatsapp for review

Upload Photos

Daily 3.30-4pm shoe displays maintenance Mon-Sun enforced

WOITW & Perfume Podium Preparation and Execution

WOITW Podium is up to date

Perfume Podium is up to date

The next WOITW & Perfume Podiums have been ordered for

Radio Preparation and Execution

Radio is up to date

Next radio compliance has been ordered for


Days Stock on Hand
How many days SOH is your store currently holding?

What is the plan to decrease stock holding to reach target of 35 days of stock?

My Invoices
How many re alerts are there for invoices not approved?

What is your plan for reducing the number of red alerts to ZERO?

How many sigma credits still need to be applied for?
How many direct credits still need to be applied for?
How many Warehouse credits still need to be applied for?

Has any rep come and collected this week?

Who was it?

Name of supplier

Photo Compliance

Check that all compliance planogram updates have had a photo uploaded to MRM

Check that all HB/BB updates have had a photo taken and uploaded onto MRM

Induction Meetings

Did any induction meetings need to occur this week?

Please let me know who the staff member is, did the meeting occur, the day it happened and a brief overview

Staff members name:

Tap if the meeting occurred

Meeting has been rescheduled to the earliest convenient date?

What day did this meeting occur?

Please provide signature of employee
Night Time Checklist & Communication
How many night time checklists were used this week
How many night time communication were completed by the Night Time Coordinator this week?

Remind night time coordinators the importance to leave detailed communication at the end of the night

Catalogue Execution

Is this a catalogue week

For the 3 catalogue checks that need to be completed, please specify which staff member(s) conducted the check

What number is this catalogue check?

Who conducted the catalogue check?

Catalogue Execution Guide utilised for catalogue checks

VPN Promotional Signage Check from the Execution Guide Completed?

Header Check from the Execution Guide completed?

Cosmetic stands check from the execution guide completed?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.