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Registers Manners

  • Name of staff member assessed:

  • Staff member at the counter ready to serve waiting customer?

  • Did the staff member at the counter give a friendly greeting?

  • Did the staff member make conversation?

  • Did the staff ask “did you find everything you were looking for today”?

  • Did the staff member state how much they saved?

  • Did the staff member mention any special offers or offer a catalogue?

  • Did the staff member say thank you for the transaction and encourage the customer to return?

  • Notes:

Gap Count

  • Area selected

  • Number of gaps reported

  • Number of gaps counted

  • Notes:

Healthy Break/ Beauty Break Execution

  • Break A

  • Break B

  • Break C

  • Break D

  • Break E (If applicable)

  • Break F (If applicable)

  • HB/BB Wobblers executed

  • Signage, Stock and execution for HB/BB ends

  • Notes:


  • Check execution of script in and out (including Pods)

  • Photo

  • Notes

  • Check credits

  • Photo

  • Notes

  • Check Bioceuticals

  • Photo

  • Notes

Follow Up Items - Due within 7 days of review

  • Operations:

  • Inventory & Property:

  • HR:

  • Reporting:

  • Photo

  • Photo

  • Photo

  • Photo

Store Procedures

  • Is daily walkthrough utilised?

  • Is opening checklist utilised?

  • Is MyInvoices clear and up to date?

Product Knowledge

  • Name of staff member:

  • Ask the staff member to recommend a product for Cold & Flu. Outline response below


  • Outline any recruitment requirements - are there are holes in the current roster?

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