1. Answer "Yes" or "No"
2. Add a photo by clicking on the camera icon
3. Add a comment or note by clicking on the "note" icon
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5. Mark as complete, save and close
6. Enter any non-conformances into Riskman using the “Report It!” App, located on the iPad


Emergency evacuation

Are emergency exits clear of obstructions?

Upload a photo of the path leading to the exist

Are fire exit doors easily opened from the inside?

Loading dock

Is all loading dock signage and line marking in good condition?

Barriers (bollards and fences) located between truck manoeuvring areas & pedestrian safety zones where practical to protect pedestrians.

Is "Authorised Persons Only" signage clearly displayed at each access way to loading docks?

Intercom and / or access control systems working correctly?

Pedestrian walkways clearly defined?

Waste management processes signage in place?

Is the Loading Dock signage clearly displayed at street or circulation road entry?

Is fire equipment obstructed?

Are the Fire Hose reels in good condition and unobstructed?

Is the fire equipment tested and tagged?

What is the date of the last test?


No broken power points in the loading dock area, including loading dock office?

No damaged or frayed leads/cords?

No temporary power leads on the floor?

Lighting and passageways

Are aisles clear of stock and empty pallets?

Upload a photo of the clear aisles and walkways

Are there any blind corners?

Are loading dock doors in good condition?


Are bins emptied regularly?

Are floors and aisles around racking clear of rubbish?

Work areas

Is manual handling equipment clean and in good working order?

Are items stored at appropriate heights for lifting and manoeuvring, ie heavier items at waist height?


Are all racks and pallets in good condition?


Are all containers clearly labeled?

Are all chemicals stored in appropriate containers?

Are spill kits readily available?

Are staff trained and aware of where to locate Safety Data Sheets?

Where are these kept?

First aid

Is the first aid kit available?

Is there sufficient content in the first aid kit?

Has any of the first aid content is expired?

General environment

Are all floor surfaces even with no trip hazards?

Is air quality good? (No fumes, odours or dust)

Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing worn by staff when required?

Are change room and locker areas clean and hygienic?

Additional Comments

General Safety

Do the staff know who the fire warden is for their area?

Who is the fire warden?

Do staff know who they report workplace injuries to?

Who do they report to?

Do staff know who their WHS representative is on the WHS Committee?

Who is their representative?

Do staff discuss safety at their team meetings?

Upload a photo of the last minutes where safety, risks and hazards are discussed

Is the WHS Policy, Injury Management Flowchart, Injury Management Program Summary, current WHS Committee Minutes and Committee member and fire warden information, clearly displayed on the noticeboard?

Upload a photo of all these documents
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.