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  • 1. Answer "Yes" or "No" 2. Add a photo by clicking on the camera icon 3. Add a comment or note by clicking on the "note" icon 4. Complete the inspection by providing your full name and a digital signature 5. Mark as complete, save and close 6. Enter any non-conformances into Riskman using the “Report It!” App, located on the iPad

Fire safety

  • Is the Evacuation Plan displayed and understood by all employees?

  • Have the fire extinguishers recently been serviced?

  • What is the date of the last service?

  • Are the extinguishers clear of obstructions?

  • Are there adequate direction notices for fire exits?

  • Are fire exits clear of obstruction?

  • Upload a photo of the path leading to the fire exit.

General Lighting

  • Is there natural lighting in the Building / Maintenance Office area?

  • Are the light fittings clean and in good condition?

  • is the emergency exit lighting working?

Building Safety

  • Are the floor surfaces in the Building and Maintenance office / area even and uncluttered?

  • Are the entry, exit and walkways kept clear?

  • Are the intersections kept clear of boxes and equipment etc?

  • Are any stair and risers kept clear?

  • Are air conditioning ducts and vents clean and in a good state of repair?

Work Benches

  • Are work benches tidy and clear of rubbish?

  • Are tools stored in designated area?

  • Are there any damaged hand tools in use?

Storage Design and Use

  • Are materials stored in racks and bins wherever possible?

  • Is storage designed to minimise lifting problems, ie heavier items store at waist height?

  • Is the racking systems in good condition?

Machines and Plant Management

  • Are machines and plant kept clean?

  • Are the floors around the machines kept clean?

  • Are machinery safety guards kept in good condition?

  • Are the stop and start devices within easy reach of operator?

  • Are waste and off cuts removed and stored safely?

  • Is there adequate work space?

  • Are noise levels controlled?

  • Are lockout and tag out procedures implemented and followed?

  • Are gas bottles secured appropriately, (acetylene and oxygen)?

  • Are records kept of maintenance, alterations and inspections to plant and machinery?

  • Where are these records kept?

  • Are manufacturer's manuals and operator instructions readily available?

  • Where are these kept?

  • Are pre safety checks carried out in accordance with manufacturer's manuals and operator instructions?

  • Are records of training kept for appropriately trained personnel in mobile plant, where applicable?

Electrical Safety

  • Are safety switches installed on machinery?

  • Are safety switches tested every 6 months and those tests recorded?

  • Is portable electrical equipment tested and tagged?

  • Is there a testing and tagging program in place for portable electrical equipment, eg beds?

  • Are there any broken plugs, sockets or switches in the Building / Maintenance area?

  • Are power leads neatly stored in the Building / Maintenance area?

  • Are the leads frayed or damaged?

  • Are portable power tools in good condition?

  • Where required are emergency shut-down procedures in place?

Chemical Safety

  • Are Material Safety Data Sheets available and accessible on (Intranet and Ipad via ChemAlert) ?

  • Are containers labelled correctly?

  • Are unused or discontinued substances disposed of and disposed of appropriately?

  • Are chemicals stored properly (flammables and corrosives segregated)?

  • If PPE readily available and used appropriately by all Facilities Department staff?

  • Is adequate ventilation provided in the Building / Maintenance areas and associated workshops?

  • Are eye washes and showers easily accessible?


  • Are ladders in good condition?

  • If used for electrical work are they non conductive? (Wood or fibre glass.)

  • For extension ladders are ropes, pulleys and treads in a good state of repair?

First Aid Facilities

  • Is there a first aid kit available to staff?

  • Where is the first aid kit located?

  • Are the first aid contents regularly checked?

  • Are the contents within current dates?

  • Are cabinets clearly labelled?

  • Employees aware of location of first aid cabinet?

  • Are emergency numbers displayed?

Vehicle Condition

  • Is scheduled maintenance performed on the company vehicle used by Facilities Department staff?

  • Are the tyres in a good condition?

  • Are the lights, brakes, indicators and reversing lights working?

Manual Handling

  • Are Safe Operating Procedures available to staff?

  • Where are they stored?

  • Have staff been trained in Safe Operating Procedures?

  • What is the date the Safe Operation Procedures were last reviewed, discussed and trained to staff?

  • Is lifting equipment and trolleys available to staff and used appropriately?

  • Are staff appropriate trained in the use of the equipment?

  • Do staff understand how to assess loads or risks [working in awkward positions etc] and request assistance when required?

Infection Control

  • Are the hospital's hand hygiene requirements understood and adhered to?

  • Are isolation precautions known and followed?

Contractor Management

  • Are all contractors pre-qualified to perform work on the premises and have uploaded their insurances and relevant safety documentation through the LinkSafe Contractor Management System?

  • Have all contractors completed the on-line induction through the LinkSafe Contractor Management System?

  • Are contractors spot checked for compliance, JSAs and Safe Work Method Statements etc?

  • How many contractors have been spot checked in the past month?

  • Upload the last completed spot check

Plant Rooms

  • Are plant rooms inspected on a regular basis?

  • Are inspection records kept for relevant plant and stored against the asset or serial number?

  • Is there a register of all plant rooms?

  • Are the plant rooms kept clean and tidy and free from clutter?

  • Is appropriate PPE available to staff and others who are requires to enter the plant rooms?

  • Are the plant rooms correctly sign posted with appropriate warnings signs?

General Safety

  • Do staff know who the fire warden is for their area?

  • Who is the fire warden?

  • Do staff know who they report workplace injuries to?

  • Who do they report injuries to?

  • Do staff know who their WHS representative is on the WHS Committee?

  • Who is their representative?

  • Do staff discuss staff safety, risks and hazards at their team meetings?

  • Upload a photo of the minutes where safety was discussed.

  • Is the WHS Policy, Injury Management Flowchart, Injury Management Program Summary, current WHS Committee Minutes and fire warden information current and clearly displayed on the noticeboard in the Facilities Department?

  • Upload a photo and all 5 documents

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