Title Page

  • Store Number

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Test carried out by

  • Employee number.

  • Case type/Size/id

Electrical safety checks

  • Earth continuity reading within cabinet (<0.1ohm)

  • Insulation resistance at 500Vdc (>1Mohm)

  • Voltage recorded at cabinet

Lamp checks

  • Lamp circuit

  • Lamp
  • Measured current drawn by lamp (A)

  • Calculated current drawn by lamp (A)

  • Correct current drawn?

  • As found voltage of lamp AC regulator (Volts)

  • After service voltage of AC regulator (Volts)

Heater checks

  • Heater circuit

  • Heater
  • Measured current drawn by decks (A)

  • Calculated current drawn by decks (A)

  • Correct current drawn?

  • Failure detected by test method with as found settings

  • Current setting of monitor following visit.

Hot case routine inspection procedure

Electrical safety checks

  • Visual inspection of all cabinet wiring okay?<br>If no provide information in box and photo.

  • Retightened electrical connections in electrical box?

  • Retightened electrical connections in canopy?

  • Protective fuses including type & rating checked?

  • Isolator locking device & label checked?

  • Electrical test of protective conductors found to be okay?

  • Electrical test of insulation resistance found to be okay?

Electrical operational checks

  • Operation of monitor indicator lamps checked?

  • Deck heater controls operational?

  • Rear door alarm operation, functioning correctly?

  • Under case lighting functioning correctly?

  • Manual switches & controls functioning correctly?

Manual operational checks

  • Mechanical fixings inside & outside canopy, all found to be correct?

  • All other mechanical fixings found to be correct?

  • All trims & panels fitted & without damage?

  • Front glass fitted correctly & without defect?

  • Rear sliding doors fitted & without damage?

  • General condition of he interior & exterior of the case? Photos required.

  • Are the Perspex up stands fitted correctly & without damage?

  • Is the fat drain system fitted correctly & without damage?

  • Details of any repairs, replacements of parts carried out during this service?

External temperature monitoring tests

  • Store manual product temp log, max / min temperatures?

  • Case cut out set point at controller?

  • All other tests detailed within the hot case routine inspection procedure have been completed?

  • On behalf of George Barker & Co. Ltd, I certify that the above tests have been carried out satisfactorily.

Office use only. Any notes / exclusions have been noted & actioned accordingly.

  • Supervisors signature.

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