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  • Attendance Date

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Model / Installer

Model Details

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General Maintenance & Inspections

  • System Type

General Maintenance & Inspections

  • Check and clean the evaporator fins and condensate tray

  • Check and clean the interior of the heat pump

  • Check the condensate drain hose (visual inspection)

  • Check and clean the air ducts for internal installation

  • Check and clean strainer

  • Check defrost cycle

  • Check unit fixings

  • Check all covers and bungs are in place

  • Check glycol concentrate levels

  • Glycol levels

  • Software Revision of heat pump and controls

Refrigerant Testing

Refrigerant Testing

  • To be performed by a trained service engineer or refrigeration specialist company

  • Type of Refrigerant

  • Refrigerant Charge (kg)

  • Visual Inspection of all Refrigeration Components

  • Visual Inspection of the pipes and joints

  • Examination of the brackets, fasteners and a/v mounts

  • Examination with a leak detector - Result (g/a)

  • The sealing requirements are met?

Maintenance of the Heat Pump heating system

Maintenance of the Heat Pump Heating System (if applicable)

  • Check the expansion vessel

  • Check filled pressure of the heating system

  • Check safety valves and immersion heaters for leaks

  • Check circulating pump operation

  • Check auto / manual air vent operation

  • Check diverter / zone valve operation

Heat Curve

  • What Model of heat pump

  • Low ambient temp end point (Degrees C)

  • Water temp at low ambient temp (Degrees C)

  • High ambient temp end point (Degrees C)

  • Water temp at high ambient temp (Degrees C)

  • Bivalent temperature set point

  • How many heating curves are set

  • Z1 heat curve

  • Z1 heat curve

  • Z2 heat curve

  • Z1 heat curve

  • Z2 heat curve

  • Z3 heat curve

  • Z1 heat curve

  • Z2 heat curve

  • Z3 heat curve

  • Z4 heat curve



  • Compressor run time

  • Fan run time

  • Heating pump run time

  • Hot Water pump run time

  • Second Heat Generator / DHW immersion run time

  • Flange Heater / Buffer immersion run time

  • Heating Pump make / model

  • Hot Water Pump make / model

  • Additional Pump make / model



Additional Photos

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  • Photo Description

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