Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Report Title (Suggested: Job Ref | Surname | Postcode)

  • Customer Surname

  • Customer Address (Postcode minimum)
  • Attendance Date

  • Attending Engineer/ Agent

Model/ Installer

Model Details

  • Model(s)

  • Model
  • Model Name/ Code

  • Series Letter

  • Date Code

  • Serial Number

  • Additional Model Info

  • Model Photo

Installer Details

  • Show/ Enter Installer Details

  • Company Name

  • Contact Name

  • Telephone/ Email

Fault/ Resolution

Fault Details

  • Reported Fault

  • Other Reported Fault Details

  • Identified Fault: Type (Level 1)

  • Identified Fault: Component (Level 2)

  • Identified Fault: Fault Desc (Level 3)

  • Identified Fault: Resolution (Level 4)

  • Additional Fault Information

  • Fault Photos

Resolution Details

  • Action Taken Details

  • Readings Taken

  • Resolution Photos

Part(s) Used

  • Part(s) Used

  • Part Required
  • Part No/ Description

  • Used from Kit Stock

  • Used from Kit Stock (Red Banner).jpg

GDC Office Pre-Attendance Checks

  • Incomplete Checks/ Training Need Identified for GDC Office Staff?

  • Identify Incomplete Checks/ Training Needs

Further/ Follow Up

  • Further/ Follow Up Action Required?

  • Further/ Follow Up Details

  • Part(s) Required

  • Part Required
  • Part No/ Description

Chargeable Visit

  • The visit could be deemed chargeable if no fault was found with the product and the reason for the product failure was an external influence.

  • Is the visit chargeable to the customer?

  • Chargeable Visit.jpg
  • Reason for chargeable call

Additional Photos

    Add Photo
  • Additional Photo

  • Photo Description

Sign Off

  • By signing below you confirm that the contents of this report and its findings, actions, resolutions and further/ follow up actions detailed above are accurate based on the attendance made today by a GDC Regional Engineer or associated GDC appointed Service Agent

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  • Customer Signature

  • Once report is complete please "Mark Completed" and then "Export" the report as PDF and send to site.reports@gdcgroup.co.uk

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