1 - Personal Hygiene facilities

  • A - All wash hand basins stocked with hand soap and paper towels ?

  • B - Personal Hygiene Dispensers functioning properly ?

  • Any additional information ?

2-Food Preparation area - Cleaning & Sanitation

  • A - Detergent & Sanitiser dispensers functioning Properly ?

  • B - Correct products in Dispenser ?

  • C- Clean As You Go cleaning observed ?

  • C - Satisfactory levels of cleaning of Preparation Equipments ( slicers, <br>Knives, weighing scales) ?

  • D - Satisfactory levels of cleaning of Food Contact Surfaces ( Cutting Boards & Serving Counters) ?

  • E - Vanoquat Sanitiser in use ?

  • F - Evidence of recent cleaning to hand<br>contact surfaces ?

  • G - Boards, utensils, temp. probes sanitized between different products ?

  • H- Fresh produce being washed and sanitized before use ?

  • I - Adequate separation between raw and<br>cooked/ready to eat foods ?

  • Additional Information

3- Customer Restaurant Area

  • A - Floors Clean ?

  • B- Tables ?

4 - Pest control.

  • A - Flying Insect Pest Control Devices Functioning ?

  • B - No signs of pests seen during audit ?

  • C - External refuse area kept clean ?

  • Additional Information

5 - Training of Staff ?

  • A - Training Required ?

  • B - STAFF QUESTION - Where would you<br>find information on how to clean ?

  • Additional Information

6 - Cleaning & Hygiene Signage

  • A - Product use guides in place for each department?

  • B - Dispenser Signage for Product in place ?

  • B - Hygiene Tip guides in place ?

  • C - Hand Hygiene Signage in place over Hand Wash Sinks ?

Sign Off

  • Reza Hygiene Signatory - Write Name!

  • Customer On Site Signatory - - Write Name!

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