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Inductee details

Inductee details

  • Inductee details

  • Inductee
  • Inductee Name

  • Insert Mobile No.

  • Insert DOB

  • Next of Kin (first name)

  • Insert Next of kin contact no.

  • inset any Known allergies?

  • Attach Photograph of inductee

  • Attach Photograph competencies eg. forklift licence (if applicable) of inductee



  • I am aware of manual handling techniques and will use appropriate aids provided by the company

  • I have been trained how to use the equipment/machinery and understand how to use it safely

  • I must adhere to site rules and general safety obligations while at work.

  • Jewellery and loose clothing at risk of getting caught in machinery should not be worn on the factory floor.

  • If I am to operate forklift or other machinery I am to have the appropriate permit/qualifications (office to attach copy to induction)

  • If applicable; Long Hair should be tied up so as to not pose a risk in getting caught in plant or machinery

  • I am aware of the location of the First Aid kit; If I use any items from the First aid kit I must notify first aid officer

  • Mobile phone calls should be limited to break times

  • Radios and other music are permitted with manager’s approval. Music headphones are not considering correct PPE.

  • I am aware that I am to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment relative to the task I am performing and have been given training in its use

  • I have been advised who to contact if an incident occurs. Incident must be reported to Scott Murphy within 24hrs of incident occurring.

  • Safety issues should be reported to Scott Murphy; if Scott is unavailable contact relevant manager

  • If an area is barricaded I must avoid walking through the barricaded area

  • I am aware all rubbish is to be placed in designated areas

  • Work areas are to be kept clean and tidy at all times

  • If I am to attend construction sites; I must carry my general induction card (White Card) at all times whist on site

  • I must not be affected by drugs or alcohol anytime whilst working <br><br>

  • I will not engage in any activities that will bring this company into disrepute

  • Smoking is only permitted in identified areas where there is no risk of fire and on designated break times. In line with promoting a safe workplace we have implemented a smoke free work environment. This means no smoking will occur within the office & factory. This includes ground level and first floor mezzanine of warehouse and exit areas. Smoking is permitted in the designated areas only on lunch breaks; morning break and afternoon break times. Morning and afternoon breaks must be limited to 10 minutes from leaving the workplace to recommencing work. It is the responsibility of the smoker to ensure that all butts and associated waste are disposed of within provided container. Excessive smoking breaks will be regarded as absenteeism and performance improvement action may be taken. Provided container should be monitored and emptied as required.

  • No fighting or over aggressive behavior will be tolerated

  • If one long blast is heard from hooter; please assemble at identified Emergency Assembly Point.<br>

  • no label

Sign Off

  • Induction given by:

  • I certify that I have undergone Frame & Truss Induction Training and have been made aware of Factory Rules

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