• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Has the last inspection been reviewed?

  • Are there no outstanding actions?

  • Is there documentation of weekly safety talks? 1926.21

  • Is there a PPE Assessment Policy on site? 1910.132

  • Is the PPE Assessment Plan update as needed?

  • Is there documentation on training of use and care of PPE

  • Is there a current Emergency Action Plan on site? 1910.38

  • Does the Emergency Action Plan designate certain employees for ensuring evacuation is complete, personnel are accounted for, and who shuts down pertinent equipment? 1910.38

  • Does the plan address Rescue Operations? 1910.38

  • Does the plan list two muster areas? 1910.38

  • Are there documented drills? 1910.38

  • Is there documented training on Emergency Action Plan? 1910.38

  • Evacuation plan displayed and understood by all employees? 1910.38

  • Is Emergency Action Plan updated annually?

  • Is there a completed SPCC (Spill Prevention, Containment and Cleanup)<br>Policy in place as required?

  • All electrical breakers properly identified ?

2. Fire Prevention. 1910.157

  • Fire Extinguishers annually tested by outside vendor? 1910.157

  • Are fire extinguishers inspected monthly? 1910.157

  • Fire Extinguishers clear of obstructions? 1910.157

  • Fire Extinguishers in place, clearly marked for type of fire? 1910.157

  • Are employees annually trained on use of fire extinguishers with proper<br>documentation? 1910.157

  • Indicator signs above extinguisher and clearly visible? 1910.157

  • Adequate direction notices for fire exits? 1910.38

  • Exit doors easily opened from inside? 1910.33-38

  • Exits clear of obstructions? 1910.33

  • Fire alarm system functioning correctly? 1910.165

  • Is there a City of Memphis Hot Work Permit on site and current?

3. General Lighting

  • Good natural lighting? 1915.82

  • Reflected light from walls & ceilings not causing glare to employees?

  • Light fittings clean and in good condition? 1915.82

  • Emergency exit lighting operable? 1926.34

4. Building Safety

  • Floor surfaces even and uncluttered 1910.22

  • Entry and walkways kept clear? 1910.22

  • Intersections kept clear of boxes etc? 1910.22

  • Stair and risers kept clear? 1926.1050

  • Are railings in good condition? 1926.1050

  • Are fall preventive measures in place and used where gaps occur in railings? 1926,1050

  • Are footpaths in good condition? 1910.22

  • Furniture in sound condition?

  • Loading area clean and tidy? 1910.22

  • Do floor openings have adequate barricading able to support 250lbs? 1910.23

  • Is general housekeeping in order? 1910.22

5. Work Benches

  • Clear of rubbish? 1910.22

  • Tools not in use kept in place?

  • No damaged hand tools in use?

  • No damaged power tools in use?

  • Work height correct for the type of work and the employee?

  • No sharp edges?

6. Rubbish Removal

  • Bins located at suitable points around site? 1910.22

  • Bins emptied regularly?

  • Oily rags and combustible refuse in covered metal containers? 1926.252

  • Is the Flammable Liquid cabinet free from stored material on top of and are the contents properly placed and secured?

7. Storage Design and Use

  • Materials stored in racks and bins wherever possible? 1926.250

  • Storage designed to minimize lifting problems? 1926.250

  • General condition of racks and pallets? 1926.250

  • Floors around racking clear of rubbish? 1926.250

  • Are there signs posted displaying load limit for overhead storage? 1910.22

8. Machines

  • Are machines kept clean? 1910.22

  • Are the floors around the machines kept clean? 1910.22

  • Are machine guards in good condition? 1910.243

  • Are Starting and stopping devices within easy reach of operator?

  • Waste/off cuts removed and stored safely? 1910.22

  • Drip pans on floor to prevent spillage?

  • Adequate work space?

  • Is lighting adequate?

  • Noise levels controlled?

  • No bending or stooping required?

  • Is there a PPE Assessment for use of machinery?

  • Are lockout procedures implemented and followed? 1910.147

  • Are gas bottles secured? 1926.350

  • Does abrasive machinery have work rests/tongue guards in place? 1910.215

  • Are machines properly anchored? 1910.212

9. Electrical Safety

  • Safety switches installed? 1910.304

  • No double adapters in use?

  • No broken plugs, sockets or switches?

  • No power leads across walkways?

  • No frayed or damaged leads?

  • Portable power tools in good condition?

  • Are all junction boxes and fittings properly covered? 1910.305

  • Are all cords properly grounded? 1910.304

  • Are all electrical parts clear from ignitable material? 1910.304

  • Are all unused openings in cabinets, boxes or fittings properly closed?

  • Are cords being used for temporary electrical sources only?

  • Are cords in a position so as to not create a strain on the cords?

  • Is the electrical panel box clear from any obstruction?

10. Chemical Safety. 1910.1200

  • SDS Binder complete with Table of Contents and in order?

  • Safety Data Sheets available for all chemicals?

  • Employees trained and documented on Haz-Com/GHS policy?

  • All containers labelled correctly?

  • Is there a Haz-Com Policy on site?

  • If required is PPE available?

  • Is adequate ventilation provided?

  • Are eye washes and showers easily accessed?

  • Are eye wash stations show current inspections?

  • Is there documentation of test scores for required annual training?

11. Ladders

  • Are all ladders Industrial strength? (Non Household rated, check label.). 1910.26

  • Are ladders in good condition?

  • If used for electrical work are they non conductive? (Wood or fibre glass.)

  • Used according to instructions?

  • For extension ladders are ropes, pulleys and treads in a good state of repair?

  • Are ladders properly secured when not in use? 1926.105, 1926.1053

12. First Aid Facilities. 1910.151

  • Are cabinets and contents clean and orderly?

  • Are contents regularly checked?

  • No contents past their expiry date?

  • Cabinets clearly labelled?

  • Is there easy access to cabinets?

  • Employees aware of location of first aid cabinet?

  • Are emergency numbers displayed?

13. Office Hazards

  • Condition of filing cabinets?

  • Condition of chairs? (Five star bases.)

  • Desks in good condition? (No damage)

  • Air conditioning systems regularly maintained?

14. Vehicle Condition 1926.601

  • First aid kit supplied and adequate?

  • Has a pre-trip inspection been completed prior to usage? 1926.601

  • Are wheels properly chocked when vehicle not in use? 1926.601

15. Respiratory Protection. 1910.134

  • Are employees required to wear respiratory protection?

  • Is there documentation stating employee is fit to wear respiratory equipment?

  • Is there documentation stating what type/brand/size respiratory equipment employees are certified to use?

  • Are employees trained on proper care of respiratory equipment ?

  • Is there a written respiratory program site specific for the location?

  • Is the Respiratory Program updated annually?

16. Confined Space. 1910.146

  • Is there a written confined space program?

  • Is testing done for oxygen, explosive concentrations and toxicity performed prior to entry?

  • Is there documented annual training for confined space employees?

  • Is the Confined Space Policy updated annually?

17. Lock Out Tag Out. 1910.147

  • Is there a written Lock Out Tag Out Program?

  • Are employees annually trained with proper documentation?

  • Does the program address each specific equipment on means for lock out?

  • Does program address the removal of locks?

  • Do employees have individual locks?

  • Is the LOTO Policy updated annually?

18. Blood Borne Pathogens. 1910.1030

  • Is there a written program for Blood Borne Pathogens?

  • Have you identified and documented potential occupational exposures?

  • Are all possible contaminated areas and equipment properly disinfected with documentation on means to?

  • Are all employees trained on an annual basis with documentation?

  • Is written plan reviewed and updated annually?

  • Is there documented test scores for required annual training?

19. Postings

  • Is the Tennessee Right To Know poster posted?

  • Is the OSHA 300 Log posted between the months of February and April?


  • Any other findings, hazards or notations?

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