Has the Team leader breiefed the staff about the turnaround prior to arrival?

Is the full team avaiable on stand prior to aircraft arrival including the correct GSE?

Are staff wearing the correct PPE and hearing protection?

Has the stand been inspected for FOD prior to aircraft arrival?

Has the GSE been parked to allow safe arrival of aircraft on to stand?

Arrival on to Stand

Are staff aware and prepared to STOP the aircraft should the need arise?

Did staff enter the stand AFTER engine shut down and anti-collision lights off?

Was the aircraft chocked and coned correctly prior to equipment positioning?

Are brake checks carried out at 6m and 3m when approaching the aircraft?

Is a banksperson used when positioning equipment on to the aircraft?

Servicing the Aircraft

Is the 3m rule being observed during the turnround?

Is the correct equipment being used for each task?

Have the steps been correctly positioned?

Are staff using the correct manual handling techniques?

Is a clear exit route maintained for the re-fuelling vehicle?

Wrap-up Procedures

Are all hold nets secure and all locks and stops raised in the holds?

Is a banksperson used when removing equipment from the aircraft?

Has a pre-departure walkround check taken place including FOD check?

Is the correct type of tug being used for the size/weight of aircraft?

Has the LIR been signed prior to pushback?

General Observations

Was all GSE in a good state of repair, including a valid permit?

Was equipment switched off when not in use during the turnround?

Did the Team Leader enforce Company procedures during the turnround?

Was there good communication between Team Leader and Dispatcher?

Was there evidence of good teamwork displayed during the turnround?

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