Fall Protection / Work At Heights


  • Is 100% Fall Protection in place for all work at heights

  • Are Job Hazard Analysis (JHA, PTP) in place?

  • Is are fall protection (guardrails) given priority over personal (active) fall protection

  • Are harness lanyards tied-off to suitable anchor points with adequate load capacity per person

  • Are mobile scaffolds used in preference to extension and step ladders

  • Are scaffolds tagged and inspected prior to use by a competent person

  • Are access points to work platforms on scaffolds / mobile towers protected by a gate, hinged hatch or trap door

  • Are scaffolds fitted with a top and mid rail, toeboards and fully boarded? Free from rubbish?

  • Are harnesses with restraint lanyards attached to safe ancorage points within mobile lift

Excavation And Trenches


  • Are public / site personnel protected (spotters, guards/fans, walkways, 'no lift zones') from overhead hazards

  • Are lifting plans in place approved by M+W for work involving lifting of equipment and materials? Is a PTP in place?

  • Are test and inspection records on file for all lifting appliances and lifting equipment (cranes, slings)

  • Are lifting operations being undertaken by Competent Personnel using appropriate communication means

  • Are all loads made secure before lifting i.e. steel banding to timber, banding to blocks, brick cages

  • Are all floor openings securely covered or protected by barriers with toe boards to prevent falling objects

  • Are safety nets suspended beneath roofing activities to capture falling personnel, materials or tools

Falling Objects / Overhead Activities


Energized Electrical Work


Confined Space (including raised metal floor)

CONFINED SPACE (including raised metal floor)

Chemicals and Gases


Control of Hazardous Energies (COHE)


Corrective Actions

    Corrective Action
  • Location

  • Contractor

  • Person Responsible for Corrective Action

  • Observation

  • Action Taken

SBO Section

  • Insert Column Location or other Comments Here for Clarification

  • Number of Employees Observed (optional)

Any Marked "At Risk" Must Include Details

  • Face / Eye PPE

  • Foot PPE

  • Hand / Arm PPE

  • Head PPE

  • Hearing PPE

  • Respiratory PPE

  • Fall Protection

  • Mobile Lifts

  • Electrical / GFCI

  • Lockout / Tagout

  • Work Permits

  • Excavations

  • Hot Work

  • Storage Area

  • Body Position

  • Ladders

  • Scaffolds

  • Access / Egress

  • Aerial Lifts

  • Barricades / Signage

  • Slips / Trips / Falls

  • Lifting / Rigging

  • Confined Space

  • Equipment / Tools

  • Housekeeping

  • Lighting

  • Chemical

  • Material Handling

  • Other

PTP Audit

Pre-Task Plan (PTP) Audit

  • All of job steps identified

  • All hazards identified

  • All controls identified

  • Crew and Foreman signatures

  • Observed work activities match PTP

  • Acceptable PTP

  • Comments or Corrective Actions

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