• Are all parts of the floor even and non-slip?

  • Are all floors free from tripping hazards, e.g. Worn Lino, tools, mats, boxes, trailing wires, rubbish etc.)?

  • Are floors non-slip, where appropriate (e.g. In craft rooms etc)?

  • Are floors cleaned regularly? And are spills cleaned up immediately?

Aisles, Exits and Doors

  • Are all aisles sufficiently wide to allow people to circulate easily?

  • Are all aisles free from obstruction?

  • Do all doors open freely and easily?

  • Are doors in good condition and in good working order?

  • Do doors which require them to have vision panels made from toughened/laminated glass?

  • Are door vision panels un-obscured? Can you clearly see through them?

  • Are there any mats / carpets which make a tripping hazard?

  • Do fire doors display the correct notices?

  • Are fire routes kept clear?


  • Is all lighting adequate and well positioned for the purpose?

  • Are all light fittings and light switches in good order and checked regular?

  • Has the room good natural lighting?

Windows and ventilation

  • Are all windows easy to open? And mechanically sound?

  • Are windows fitted with opening restriction bars, and if so are they all present and in good order?

  • Are all mechanical parts I.e. handles, openers etc. in good working order?

  • Can unreachable windows be opened easily? Are window opening aids available to the classroom?

  • Are windows cleaned regularly?

  • Is glass free from cracks and chips?

  • Where there are large areas of glass facing direct sunlight, is there provision for shading, e.g. Venetian blinds?

  • Is every enclosed space ventilated by a sufficient supply of fresh or purified air?

Suitability of room for purpose

  • Is the room suitable for teaching?

  • Is the room free from background noise and able to project voice clearly?

  • Are there any hazards arising from overcrowding?

Furniture and fittings

  • Is furniture located in a safe place I.e. not too near to the door or likely to block other areas such as walkways?

  • Are cabinets, cupboards, shelves etc., stable and fixed where required?

  • Are fittings especially shelving in a safe position and unlikely to cause harm?

  • All furniture and fittings in reasonable condition? With no loose, worn or broken parts?


  • Is furniture located in a safe place I.e. not too near to the door or likely to block other areas such as walkways?

  • Are cabinets, cupboard, shelves etc., stable and fixed where required?

  • Are fittings especially shelving in a safe position and unlikely to cause harm?

  • Are steps available for high shelving?

  • Are there any large, heavy, unsuitable items placed/stored too high?

  • Are the any unsafe items that should be locked/stored away when room is unsupervised?

  • Is there sufficient storage with adequate access?

Displays notices

  • Are display boards, free from sharp/protruding objects I.e. staples, plastics etc.?

  • Do current displays pose any risks? I.e. stored, fixed, and secured appropriately?

  • Are the display(s) / projects: blocking or hampering the circulation of the area? Or prohibiting fire routes?

  • Are fire procedures displayed in the classroom?

Electrical Equipment

  • Are electrical appliances, plugs and leads in good condition?

  • Are sockets in good condition and appropriately situated?

  • Is the area free from trailing leads and cables?

  • Has electrical equipment been periodically PAT tested?

  • All electrical items stored/mounted appropriately?


  • Are all hazardous materials clearly labeled and safely stored?

  • Is adequate protective clothing provided and use?

  • Are electrical appliances properly wired and earthed and operating correctly?

  • Are washing facilities provided for washing and drying hands prior to handling foods?

  • Is the layout of the room such as to allow safe access/exit/circulation?

  • Are sinks and drains working properly?

Use of Gas

  • Is the location of gas isolator valves know and are these accessible to all appropriate staff?

  • Are appropriate staff trained to use gas appliances safely?

  • Are gas appliances regularly checked and serviced by qualified fitters?

  • Are gas governing valves, pipes, hoses and gas guard systems (if fitted) tested regularly?

Other Matters?

  • Please use the boxes provided below to identify any other matters that has any H&S relevance to this room:

  • Item 1).

  • Item 2).

  • Item 3).

  • Please send your audit via e-mail to lee.spall@theglc.org.uk

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