GMDC WASTE Health Check

1.0: Internal Waste Handling Area & Equipment

1.1: Is the waste processing area operationally functional

1.2: Is the waste processing area clean and tidy

1.3: Is the area adequate for segregating waste

1.4: Is the waste being segregated

1.5: Is there clear signage

1.6: Is the waste equipment fit for purpose

1.7: Are the staff fully trained

1.8: Are the daily equipment checks complete

2.0: External Waste Storage Areas

2.1: Are the storage areas clean and tidy

2.2: Are the storage areas accessible

2.3: Are the trailers in Good condition

2.4: Are the skips in Good condition

2.5: Are there any location issues

2.6: Are there designated areas for Wood and Metal

2.7: Is the waste segregated

3.0: GMDC Waste Collection Points

3.1: Are there designated bins/cages for each waste stream
(Highlight what are missing)

3.2: Are the waste receptacles fit for purpose

3.3: Is the waste correctly stored in the receptacles

3.4: Is there clear signage

4.0: Store Waste Returns

4.1: Are A, B & C category plastics segregated

4.2: Are other types of waste returns segregated

4.3: Is there photographic evidence of bad practice

4.4: Is there enough staff to handle returns

4.5: Are barcode labels scanned and recorded

5.0: Confidential Waste

5.1: Is the Confidential waste held in a secure, designated area

5.2: Is the Confidential waste held in the correct bags

6.0: Restaurants

6.1: Does the restaurant have the correct bins

6.2: Are the bins adequate for purpose

6.3: Are Corners, Edges & Ledges clean

6.4: Is the area generally acceptable

6.5: Is the waste segregated

7.0: General

7.1: Is the Carpark and foyer clean and acceptable

7.2: Are the back offices and meeting rooms acceptable

7.3: Are corridors, carpets and flooring clean

7.4: Are the toilets clean (M/F)

7.5: Are uniforms and PPE acceptable

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