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  • Document No. FORM- 26665

  • GMP / Tour prep audit

  • Kansas City - GREENIES

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Is area clean and organized?

  • Are tools and materials stored properly?

  • Visual management is present on the floor?

  • FMOS boards are completely filled out?

  • FMOS targets and escalation protocol is understood?

Quality and food safety

  • Any foreign material risk?

  • OPRP's and CCP's are understood and followed?

  • Area is clean and organized?

  • All documents and controlled and printed <10 days?

  • Equipment/tools have valid calibration stickers?

  • Verify chemicals are stored properly.

Safety, environmental & security

  • No slip, trip and fall hazards in area?

  • Ladders are properly stored?

  • Fire extinguishers and exits have proper clearance?

  • No machine guarding issues present?

  • Operators understand LOTO& minor intervention?

  • Ensure hazard communication labels are in place.

Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Area is clean and organized?

  • No buildup of dust, product, Raw's, etc.

  • Ensure uniform etiquette is followed

Culture and Engagement

  • Check in with associates in the area.

  • Address rumors or concerns

  • Recognize associates

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