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  • Site Inspection Result (Overall)

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Common Areas & Personnel

  • All employees maintain personal hygiene?

  • Is the breakrooms/lunch area clean?

  • Any employee wearing jewelry in production areas?

  • Any employee's injury or sores left uncovered or exposed?

  • Any personal items left unattended in the production area?

  • Are the restrooms clean?

  • Is there liquid anti-microbial/bacterial soap, waste container, single use paper towels or air dryers in working order?

  • All employees follow no smoking, no food, no drink, or no gum use inside manufacturing area policy?

  • Is the refrigerator clean with no expired/spoiled food or open containers?

  • Are employee lockers clean and free from company documents/records, firearms & open food items?

  • Are there hand wash reminder signs posted and in appropriate languages? “All Employees Must Wash hands before Returning to Work” or similar signage

  • Are any of the interior pest traps missing or damaged?

  • Is office area clean, organized, and free of dust/debris?

  • Is the sample testing area clean and properly maintained?

Production Area

  • Is there any evidence of leaks from roof, walls, floor/wall junctions, and doors?

  • Is alleyway clean without product spills?

  • The micro ingredient room floor aisles and storage slots clean, no spillage ?

  • Any ingredient cups/measuring devices chipped or damaged?

  • Any damaged racking/shelves in need of repair? If so, provide specific location.

  • Are equipment free of 1/8” dust or debris?

  • Are there any tapes being used for repair?

  • Are all utensils & tools stored in designated place & in good condition?

  • Are the ingredient tote trap cleaned out & dry?

  • Is dryer top clean & blown down from feed?

  • Is dryer underneath clean & swept up from feed?

  • Are the premix slurry tanks closed when not in use?

  • Are all finished products labeled?

  • Is the fat coater area clean?

  • Is the bean extruder & surrounding area clean?

  • Are the empty containers and vessels being stored properly?

  • Is the extruder area office cleaned & organized?

  • Are there any condensation on equipment/ceilings?

Finished Product Area

  • Are forklifts or pallet jacks clean and working condition?

  • Are finished product pallets throughout the storage area stored in a clean and orderly manner?

  • Is there any spillage, trash, shrink wrap, or pallet pieces on the floor?

  • Is there any exposed/open finished product bags left unattended?

  • Any holes/cracks or loose ceiling or wall or supports posing fall hazard?

  • Is the shrink wrapper is clean and in working condition?

  • If any other equipment is present such as air compressors, conveyors, work tables, etc. are they clean and in working condition?


  • Are the exterior grounds free of blown trash and debris? Is there any standing water as to attract pests?

  • Is there any evidence of pest harborage or activity in the immediate area around the building?

  • Is receiving pits clean with no heavy dirt, debris, or accumulation of other than raw materials?

  • Are dock pads and shelters intact and in good condition? No exposed insulation or holes providing pest harborage?

  • If windows or doors that are used for ventilation, do they have screens with small mesh wire to prevent flying insect entry?

  • If equipment or pallets are stored outside, are they orderly, clean, and not a pest harborage site?

General Feed Mill

  • Are the trash barrels/equipment/areas properly maintained?

  • Are the cleaning supplies & tools stored in designated places?

  • Are the approved chemical containers including spray bottles & drum labeled with clear & legible name?

  • Are all doors are properly closed when not in use?

  • Are all fire extinguishers present, inspection current, clean, free from dust and webbing?

  • Any foreign object/loose object product contamination risk found?

The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.