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Production Area

Red Tag Zone

  • Red Tag Zone - Location has been identified and marked on the floor (If answer is "No" skip to Sort)

  • Sort - All items have been dispositioned within 1 month

  • Set in Order - Red tags on the items, they are stored in an organized fashion

  • Shine - Is clean (Free of oils spills, dirt, loose pallets, etc.)

  • Standardized - Red tag SOP is displayed, and Tags are available

  • Sustain - Red tag zone SOP is being followed


  • Sort

  • Obsolete / Un-used items have been removed

  • 55 Gallon barrels are not being used

  • Loose hardware is in the magnetic trays

  • Anti seize, oil cans, copper tape have been picked up

  • Hand tools are not loose on equipment

  • Personal items (Pop cans, water bottles, snack bags, etc.) have been picked up

  • Dirty rags are not laying in/on equipment

  • There are no Items on top of cabinets/hardware bins

  • There are multiple heat gloves in same location on equipment

  • Walkways / mezzanine are clear

Set in Order

  • Set in Order

  • Location of hand tools clear (shadow boards)

  • Location of spare equipment identified (sock tubes, perforators, etc.)

  • There are an adequate number of cleaning stations (easy to locate)

  • Location for heat gloves is clear

  • Garbage can locations clear

  • Extra inventory labeled (twine, tape pallets, etc.)

  • Spare parts are organized in cabinets or on shelves

  • Location for ladders identified

  • Purging PPE location identified

  • Location for personal items (coats, water bottles, etc.) is clear


  • Shine

  • Floors have been swept

  • Resin on floor has been cleaned up

  • Cool purgings have been picked up

  • Dirt / Grime has been removed from the extruders and corrugators

  • Grease / Oil has been cleaned off the perforators

  • Half used tape rolls have been picked up

  • Floor dry is only used as a temporary solution

  • Water on the floor has been squeegeed / mopped up

  • Equipment is free of oil leaks

  • Water baths are free of calcium / salt build up


  • Standardize

  • Shadow boards / Visual controls are being used for tools

  • Color coding is being used

  • Kanban is being used for screens, tape rolls, twine and other inventory

  • Cleaning stations have a consistent layout

  • Garbage cans are consistent have wheels and handles


  • Sustain

  • Spare equipment / Tools are in their place (none are missing)

  • Cleaning stations are complete (all items are present, no extra items)

  • Monthly 5S audits are being conducted and saved

  • Kanban items are being replenished

  • New employees are being trained in 5S (doesn't include temporary employees)

  • Zones have been mapped out and color coded

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