Flight Number of Audited Flights




Departure Gates


Section A - Check In

Do desks open and close on time and are there enough?

Are company logos and branding correct?

Are security questions displayed and drawn to passengers attention?

Are excess baggage collection procedures followed?

If DCS used, which system is it?

Is cabin baggage viewed, weighed and tagged?

Section A - Security/Boarding

Do agents check tickets and ΙD/passports?

Are there enough boarding gates available?

Are there sufficient immigration control channels open?

Are there separate Schengen channels/Areas?

Are the departure lounge FIDS and gate screens correct?

Are there enough baggage X-ray machines?

Do boarding staff arrive at gate on time?

Are PRM's identified and pre-boarded?

Is there communication with a/c, re boarding time ETD?

Correct/Clear boarding announcements?

Are there sufficient buses for remote departures?

Are passports/ID,s checked against boarding cards?

Section A - Dangerous Goods

Are Dangerous Goods notices provided by handling agent or airport authority displayed at: Check-in, Gates, Flight Desks?

Do agents ask/draw attention of customers to DG signs at check-in?

Section B - Ramp Safety ARRIVAL

Has the ramp agent briefed the team?

Was a pre-arrival FOD check performed?

Are vehicles (in use or otherwise) parked in designated areas?

Do personnel remain clear until anti-collision lights are off?

Is aircraft suitably chocked?

Is aircraft inspected for any ground damage prior to equipment being positioned on aircraft? If any damage noted, was the correct reporting procedure followed?

Are vehicles positioned only after chocks in place?

Prior to offloading commencing: were nets / ULD's correctly secured?

Was every hold opened and checked?

Do staff avoid walking on moving baggage belts?

Section B - General Turnaround

Are vehicles driven in a safe manner around the aircraft?

Section B - Departure

Do reversing vehicles use a banksman?

Were upper load limits adhered to?

Are nets kept in holds at all times and secured for departure?

Was all flight paperwork presented to crew in good time?

Is any FOD generated by the turnaround removed before departure?

If hand signals are used, are they clean and understood by all?

Is a pre-departure walk around performed?

Section B - Personal Protective Equipment

Is hearing protection worn?

Are hi-viz vests worn?

Are gloves and protective footwear worn?

Section B - Aircraft Cleaning

Do cleaners arrive in good time?

Are number of cleaners adequate, or as per SLA?

Are correct specifications followed?

Section C - Servicing Equipment

Is the equipment serviceable and fit for purpose?

Do motorised vehicles have an operating fire extinguisher?

Are all vehicles removed and correctly parked?

Are GSE clean

Are vehicles switched off (or chocked) when not in use?

Actions required

Section D - Weight & Balance

Is the W&B paperwork produced manually?

Is the W&B paperwork produced through handling agents DCS?

Are correct passenger weights used?

Is loading planned in accordance with airline guidelines?

Is a hard copy LIR completed and supplied to the ramp agent?

Are any changes fed back to load planning?

Is the LIR signed, annotated with actual baggage numbers and presented to the dispatcher?

Section D - Operations

Are PNL reports received -24?

Are required messages being received from up route station (MVT/LDM/CPM/PSM/PTM etc)?

Section D - Flight File

Loadsheet signed by captain and ramp agent?

LIRF: annotated, signed and matches info on loadsheet?

PNL, pax info lists etc?

Inbound/outbound SITA messages (MVT/LDM/CPM/PSM/PTM)?

NOTOC (if applicable)

Copy of AWB?

Storage period: minimum of months

Section E - Lost & Found / Mishandled Baggage

Does agent have direct World Tracer access?

Section F - Security

How is BRS achieved?

Is the security check form held on station for min 48 hours?

Section F - Ramp Incident Reporting

Are agents aware of requirement to notify relevant department of incidents & accidents, including aircraft damage?

Section F - Emergency Response Plan

Is the stations ERP complete, up to date and understood?

Airport Station Checklist Complete
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