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  • Client / Site

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  • Location
  • Personnel

Security Procedure

  • Is visitor control procedure in place?

  • Is decoration control procedure in place? Any decoration guidelines for contractor? Any worker registration mechanism?

  • Is contingency procedures manual kept in the security counter?

Security Personnel

  • Is security guard familiar with relevant procedures?

  • Is security guard alert with stranger?

  • Is security familiar with the operation of security control facilities?

Security Measures/Facilities

  • CCTV Surveillance System

  • Panic/Burglar Alarm

  • Motion/Infrared/Thermal Detection System

  • Is there security facility location plan?

  • Is security facility normally functioned?

  • Is security facility regularly tested?

  • Is security facility maintained?

Vulnerable Security Area

  • Location 1 Improvement

  • Location 2 Improvement

  • Location 3 Improvement

  • Location 4 Improvement

  • Location 5 Improvement

  • Location 6 Improvement

  • Location 7 Improvement

  • Location 8 Improvement

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